KAYAK's Top Suggestions for Celebrating Oktoberfest Stateside

Celebrate Oktoberfest this year without spending all that time and money hauling yourself to Munich, Germany with KAYAK's guide to Oktoberfest in the U.S...

Fri Sep 5 2014

Go for the game, stay for the gloating

Pro football fans, join your team on the road this fall. Go where you're unwelcome by rooting for your team on the other guys' turf. (And save on flights and hotels...

Thu Aug 28 2014

KAYAK Uncovers Top 10 Least-Expensive Labor Day Destinations - It's Not Too Late for a Last-Minute Getaway

Still no grand plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend and short on travel funds? Don't fret - we've rallied the top 10 cities for Labor Day deals this year, based on the lowest average hotel rates among top 40 US destinations. Take a look and let your inner procrastinator rejoice...

Fri Aug 15 2014

KAYAK Data Reveals Football Fervor this Labor Day Weekend

Our data shows football fans are flocking to Georgia this Labor Day weekend for the start of the college football season. But if football's not your thing, don't worry. We took the "labor" out of Labor Day weekend travel planning and identified top destinations for you to consider...

Tue Jul 29 2014

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