KAYAK's Out-Of-Towner Guide to Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festival season officially kicks off this weekend with Coachella and KAYAK wants to make sure you're spending more on glow sticks and neon headbands than on travel...

Fri Apr 11 2014

Americans Headed South for Memorial Day, Abroad for the Summer

We may have seen the last of the bitter winter, but Americans are taking no chances and heading south for Memorial Day weekend. Luckily, they're also scoring lower airfares...

Wed Apr 9 2014

KAYAK Launches New Vacation Package Search in the US

Our new vacation package search allows travelers to compare several vacation package sites at once along with a combined KAYAK flight and hotel search...

Mon Mar 17 2014

Spring Snow Showers bring Sunny Travel Destinations

It's about that time to climb out of our polar vortex-induced igloos, dust off the snow and get somewhere warm...fast. We looked at searches for travel this March and identified the top destinations by popularity and airfare. We don't think anyone will be shocked to learn that each destination boasts a little thing called warm weather...

Wed Feb 26 2014

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