KAYAK Partners With TripAdvisor

Starting today you can now use TripAdvisor reviews and even filter hotel listings by TripAdvisor ratings when you're looking for a hotel on KAYAK. Given TripAdvisor's unmatched content -- more than 60 million reviews and opinions from all over the world -- we're tremendously excited about this new relationship. ...

Thu Feb 16 2012

Roses Are Red (and So Passé), But V-Day Travel Memories Don’t Wilt

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to get away for a long weekend after the December holidays with the one you love… or escape unrequited romance. Searches on KAYAK for Valentine’s Day travel show US travelers are yearning for some very exotic locales around the world (and two interesting destinations here in the US) to make the most of this saccharine holiday. The top five most romantic cities from KAYAK hotel searches are...

Thu Feb 9 2012

KAYAK Hits 100 Million Search Queries in January; Doesn't Break

Last month we reached a milestone here at KAYAK. In the month of January, we processed over 100 million user requests for travel information. Thanks for deciding to go meet face to face instead of using a web cam. And thanks for using KAYAK to explore this fun little planet. Here's to reaching another really big number...

Thu Feb 2 2012

We’re Very Sorry BlackBerry Users.

It is with a heavy heart (and thumbs) that we must announce this: KAYAK Mobile is dropping active support and maintenance for our BlackBerry application. We are sincerely sorry to BlackBerry users, but we have regrettably come to this practical decision...

Thu Jan 26 2012

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