Only 10 percent of airline passengers using in-flight WiFi. Do you?

Tue Jul 6 2010
We spotted this tidbit today in USA Today: only 10 percent of travelers who could use in-flight WiFi actually do. Do you use it when it’s on your flight? Why or why not?

With all the hype in the media and from airlines surrounding the arrival of in-flight WiFi on planes, you wouldn’t be crazy if you assumed it was a well-used service. But according to a recent USA Today story, it’s actually used by a only a small minority of travelers.

But in an age when so many travelers love being constantly connected, what gives? Why aren’t more people choosing to log-on at 33,000 feet?

Cost, it seems, may be the reason. Generally priced $4.95-$12.95 depending on flight time, the service may just be too expensive to encourage real use by anyone other than the truly geeky and hardcore.

Another reason may be that fewer travelers want to be connected than previously thought. Planes have, after all, traditionally been one of those places where it’s safe to power down and escape the demands of work and technology for the duration of a flight.

What do you think? Let us know @KAYAK.

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