Willard H. Smith IV Joins KAYAK As Chief Financial Officer

We're excited to announce that former Novell executive Willard H. Smith is joining our executive team as chief financial officer. Most recently, he served as vice president of global finance for Novell, Inc...

Thu May 19 2011

More Choice. Now You Can Book Hotels Without Leaving KAYAK.

Today we released the option to complete hotel bookings directly through KAYAK.com. This option adds to the existing selection of booking choices available through KAYAK today, including booking directly with hotel providers and through online travel agencies. We're committed to continue offering people choices where to book, but we know some people would prefer to complete their purchases without leaving KAYAK...

Mon Mar 14 2011

SideStep Integration With KAYAK

We’ve decided to completely migrate SideStep.com traffic to KAYAK.com. As of March 17, SideStep users will automatically be directed to KAYAK.com, where they will receive the same travel services as before but with immediate access to KAYAK’s on-going innovations...

Mon Mar 7 2011

New Partnership With Bing

Today Bing announced KAYAK as their travel technology partner. This partnership is a great endorsement of KAYAK as a leading innovator in online travel. In the coming weeks we’ll provide Bing with flight search results from multiple cities, airports and airlines. Going forward, Bing will have access to all of KAYAK’s travel search services globally...

Fri Mar 4 2011

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