A New Way to Find Deals on Flights - Hacker Fares™

 ... there's a way that you might be able to find a better price. A few savvy travelers know a little trick for finding deals. Sometimes buying two one-way fares on separate airlines can turn out to be cheaper than the best round trip price. But finding these "holes in the matrix" isn't so easy. Basically you have to search travel sites over and over to find these deals.Here's where Hacker Fares™ (did I mention we trademarked this term?) comes into play. When someone queries KAYAK for flights from one destination to another, we include Hacker Fares™ in the results...

Tue Aug 23 2011

KAYAK Explore for Mac

KAYAK Explore for Mac, or Armadillo, as I will call it from now on, takes the popular "Explore" feature from our web site, gives it a personal trainer, pumps it full of steroids, reads it a number of self help books, bites it with a radioactive spider, exposes it to an accidental overdose of gamma radiation (intentionally), and makes it way more fun and useful...

Tue Aug 16 2011

KAYAK Launches Free Itinerary Management Tool – KAYAK Trips

Free Service Helps People Manage Their Travel Plans After BookingNorwalk, CT, November 11, 2009 – KAYAK (kayak.com), the world’s leading travel search engine, launched KAYAK Trips, a free itinerary management tool that easily consolidates travel plans from multiple travel sites into one web-based itinerary. To use the service, people simply forward booking confirmation e-mails from travel suppliers and online travel agencies to their KAYAK user account.Paul English, KAYAK CTO and co-founder said, "We’ve already made it simple to compare hundreds of travel sites at once. Now we’re making it easier to track the bookings you make across any of those sites including one-click sharing of your trip details with your friends.”...

Thu Nov 12 2009

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