Longsheng Dtw Hot Spring Folk Culture Resort

Da Tang Wan Scenic, Longsheng Resort Area, Jiang Di Village, , Jiangdi, China
+86 182 7737 9921


+86 182 7737 9921


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    Longsheng DTW hotspring folk culture holiday village is a 3A state-level scenic spots it need only 7 minutes to the famous Longsheng hotspring by car. DTW scenic resorts covers over 40 000 square meters the design and layout fused the special folk customs and experience cultures of Longsheng national minority there’s unique national characteristics Tea-bran medicated bath spa in the open air. The DTW is surrounded by green hills and clear water which made her own a unique incomparable charm! just like a pearl beside the Sangjiang river DTW gathered various minorities folk culture essences. The warm long-table banquet will give you a most classic minority tongue culture experience you can also hands on TA TZU PA and enjoy Playing camellia. Yang Lan Ren Zhihong and otheTransportation reminder: 1) Public transport: From Guilin Qintan bus station take the Longsheng special line bus to the terminal station (fast) RMB31/person (normal) RMB24/person 78KM it will take 1 hours and 50 minutes; then change the bus to Longsheng Hot Spring 32KM RMB10/person about 40 minutes. Time: 7:00AM to 18:00PM departure interval is 20 minutes. r famous cultural figures had been attracted to here by reputation.

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