Hawaii for kids

From incredible luaus to endless pristine beaches, the islands of Hawaii have something for all ages to enjoy.

Welcome to Hawaii!

Whether you want to become a master hula dancer, expert surfer or perfect the art of lounging on the beach – Hawaii has something for all ages. And if these islands are on your family’s bucket list, get your kids excited about the adventure with some Hawaiian-themed activities you can enjoy together from home.

Hawaii activities

Hawaii word search

We’ve chosen some Hawaii travel words for you to find in this fun word search. It’s like scoring the perfect spot on Waikiki Beach before anyone else gets it.

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Coloring pages

Let your creativity shine with KAYAK Krayon and around-the-world coloring activities. (The best part? You can now color directly on your iOS device in the KAYAK app.)

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Hawaii trivia

What’s the state capital of Hawaii? Does it really have the biggest island in the United States? Was surfing actually invented here? Test your Hawaii knowledge with some fun trivia questions below.

How many major islands make up Hawaii?

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When did Hawaii become part of the United States?

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What is the capital of Hawaii?

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True or false: Surfing was invented in Hawaii.

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True or false: The Big Island is the largest island in the United States.

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Hawaii for Kids
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