Next escape: Jamaica

Kick back and imagine yourself soaking up the sun on the beach and adventuring on this island paradise.

Wondering when you’ll be able to listen to reggae on the beach instead of in the backyard? So are we. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you imagine your next escape to Jamaica.


1. The beach.

You can’t go wrong with any of the countless beaches in Jamaica (especially after being inside for so long). One of our favorites is Seven Mile Beach, with tons of options for watersports, snorkeling and lounging under the sun. And since you can’t walk the beach right now, imagine yourself walking the coast here. If you’re looking for more of a “local” vibe, you’ll love Boston Bay Beach, where beachside stands offer up jerk chicken.

2. The food.

Jamaica features a dynamic range of food with all types of delicious spices and flavors. When you do visit, you can’t miss out on beef patties (flaky pastries stuffed with beef) and jerk chicken. They’re everywhere you look (and you may just have to try them all). If you can’t wait until you get there, try your hand at making some beef patties at home. For a local’s perspective, hear about the food directly from a Jamaican chef here:

3. Outdoor adventures.

This island paradise isn’t all about beaches and food (although those do go hand-in-hand). It also features incredible hikes and adventures, including Dunn’s River Falls. This trail takes you right up to a waterfall and natural pools where you can swim and stand against the flowing water (it’s just like the flowing water from your shower head, only on a tropical island.)

4. The music.

How have we not talked about the music? Reggae is king and can be heard all over the island (and truly all over the world thanks to Bob Marley). So kick back, pour yourself some fresh rum punch and let the music speak for itself.

5. The people.

When it’s time to travel again, human connection will be more appreciated than ever. And the people of Jamaica are friendly, welcoming and ready to share their culture with you throughout your time on the island.

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