Next escape: Kentucky

The spirit of Kentucky is strong and when we can all travel again, it will be here. Ready to welcome you.

Welcome to Kentucky, where horses, bourbon and stunning views await. Explore the wonders of the state from the comfort of your home and start thinking about your next escape. Here are 5 reasons why you should add the Bluegrass State to your future travel list when the time comes to once again hit the road.


1. It’s the Horse Capital of the World.

Kentucky offers up some of the most beautiful horse farms in the world. Meet a few members of the exclusive club of Bluegrass horse-farm owners and managers. Then, tour some of Kentucky’s most iconic horse farms and get an exclusive look at the next great horses bred in the Bluegrass.

2. 95% of the world’s bourbon supply is distilled here.

Bourbon was born in Kentucky. But until you can enjoy it in the Bluegrass State, join a local mixologist as they teach you how to make iconic bourbon cocktails right at home – and put an exciting twist on each classic.

3. Kentucky’s great outdoors offer unrivaled beauty and endless opportunities for adventure.

With an abundance of natural lakes and rivers, Kentucky is perfect for boating, fishing and relaxing. Hiking, biking, climbing and camping are also favorite activities in the natural beauty of the Bluegrass State. From the comfort of your couch, explore some of the state’s most iconic natural attractions with celebrity chef Adam Glick or join travel photographer Elia Locardi as he roams the state to capture the beauty of Kentucky.

4. It’s the birthplace of bluegrass music.

From the mountains to the bluegrass, musicians have been inspired by Kentucky for generations. There’s always a song being played, whether at packed concerts or small, intimate venues. Meet some of the modern musicians that call the Bluegrass State home.

5. It offers up a vibrant culinary scene.

Kentucky is full of creative and talented chefs who love sharing the state’s rich culinary history by preserving age-old recipes and creating modern flavors not found anywhere else. Join Chef Graham Elliot as he meets home-grown and transplanted chefs alike who are putting their own spin on Bluegrass cuisine. Until you can visit, cook up some of Kentucky’s classic dishes at home.

Experience Kentucky’s unique culture

Kentucky is a thriving state filled with industry, innovation and history. Keep prepping for your Next Escape.

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