Rent a convertible, put the top down and feel the fresh Pacific breeze rushing through your hair (or maybe that’s just your hair dryer?).

Sure, we’re all at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the slow pace of a road trip through the Golden State as we relax on the couch or kick back on the balcony. And since this is our ideal virtual road trip, it may not be in perfect order based on location, but isn’t that the fun of virtual vacations?

Coffee, anyone?

There’s nothing better than starting a day on the road with a cup of coffee, so pour a cup “to go” and hit the open road at sunrise.

Choose your adventure

A California road trip can be whatever you make it. Whether you head north towards San Francisco or south towards Los Angeles, it’s up to you.

Go North

Take the northern route for mountains and outdoor adventures.

Drive north

Go South

Take the southern route for art, culture and lazy beach days.

Drive south

Play it DJ

There’s nothing quite like the perfect road trip playlist. Open the windows and turn up this California Road Trip playlist.

Listen on Spotify

Meet the locals

The real benefit of our virtual guide is experiencing both in the same day (even though they’re a full day’s drive from each other).

Visit the aquarium

Check out live cameras of jellyfish, sea otters, sharks, penguins and more at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

See it now

Head to the zoo

Get up close and personal with baboons, pandas, koalas, giraffes, elephants – you name it – at the San Diego Zoo. That sure beats the pigeons outside on the street.

Take me there

Have lunch in the park

Have you ever packed a lunch to go casually eat it under incredible mountain ranges surrounded by gorgeous trees, trails and a few wilderness critters? No? Well, now’s your chance (and there’s no hiking boots necessary). Just head to the kitchen, prep yourself a picnic spread and visit Yosemite National Park to re-energize.

Visit now

Get artsy in LA

What’s an adventure without a little history and culture? That’s where the J. Paul Getty Museum comes in. With this virtual experience, you’ll be able to see centuries of iconic art from anywhere in your house. You also won’t have to worry about knocking anything over.

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Support a local piece of history

The Winchester Mystery House has 160 rooms and is unlike any other house you’ve seen. Also, it’s allegedly haunted. Take an online tour and help support the caretakers of the museum during this time. Also, if you get too scared, you can log off.

Let’s do it

Get hungry

Before dinner, check out the California restaurant scene with Top Chef Shirley Chung, who’s sharing a closer look at her winning dish – cheeseburger potstickers.

Get the recipe

Grab a bite

Before kicking off your evening, it’s time to refuel. Luckily, California is known for delicious foods from burritos to sushi to truly anything you set out for. So, order in and connect with friends over video. These awesome dinner party backgrounds from OpenTable will make it feel like you’re dining out in style.

Grab a “table”

Evening helicopter ride

To end this scenic trip through California we’ll round it out from the road to the trains to (you guessed it) the sky. Enjoy your evening with a view of it all from above along with a glass of wine or beer.

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DIY souvenir

Help your kids explore the world through color with Krayon. We created these coloring sheets, so you can get excited about the world together – no matter where you are right now.

Get it here

Hands-on activities

The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is offering online activities you can do at home – from homemade clay to making “high speed” racers from toilet paper rolls.

Try it now

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