Good morning, Sydney

We’re heading across the world (and down under) to Australia. More specifically, we’re heading to Sydney, the largest city in Oceania. You’ve probably heard of its famous opera house, but there’s so much more to discover. Let’s go!

We hope the jetlag from your trip (BED to DEN) isn’t too much of an issue, because there’s lots on the list.

Ready to rock?

Australia is home to many of the world’s greatest artists. In fact, you may even discover your favorite music comes from here.

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Explore with one click

Explore Sydney’s most iconic sights with this virtual tour.
📍Bondi Beach
📍Royal Botanic Gardens
📍Circular Quay
📍Harbour Bridge
📍Opera House

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Take a breather

Relax a while and enjoy the view of Sydney from above. This is a perfect opportunity to take in all the sights and recharge for the rest of your day.

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Let’s kick this tour into gear with some new phrases, delicious food and incredible culture.

Speak like a local

Just like British English, you’ve probably noticed with how different the Australian accent is. Here’s a few Australian slang terms to help you get by in your travels.

Grab a bite

Australia is all about barbecue (or grilling on the barbie). Find the perfect spot on OpenTable and order in some authentic (and delicious) barbecue.

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A sight to see

You can’t go to Sydney without seeing the Opera House. Its architecture is one of the most creative (and well-known) works of history and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, it’s time to discover what it’s all about.

Begin your tour

The adventure is only beginning. It’s time to get something cool to drink and eat a classic Australian dish.

Happy Hour

Let’s celebrate with a Kangaroo Dry Martini.

Learn how to mix it

Late night snack

This unique bread is iconic to Australia (and surprisingly easy to make). Grab some simple ingredients and prepare for some fresh, homemade damper bread.

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Cultural encounters

Australia is known for its exciting literature. And even though it’s just a few centuries old, it is now internationally recognized.

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