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If election season is still getting you down, KAYAK has plenty of tips to help you #EscapeTheDebate:

  1. Before you get away... Register to vote and remember to head to the polls on November 8th. Traveling on Election Day? Make sure to grab an absentee ballot.
  2. Then get away… far away. Type your budget into Explore to see how far you can go then pick the spot that’s furthest or most remote.
  3. Audio detox. Think: candles, ambient music and deep relaxation. Put the "Spa" filter on your hotel search to good use. Find a tranquil hideaway that allows you to tune out all the noise as you tune into your inner yogi.
  4. Do not disturb. Bars are popular centers for political debate. Avoid them entirely when traveling by using map view in Hotel search. Select hotels far outside the nightlife hotspots for assured peace and quiet.