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Looking for a great flight deal? We’ve got you covered. Here are some more ways you can save money on airfare with KAYAK. Looking for last-minute flights deals or even flight deals for 2018? KAYAK makes sure you have what you need to get the best airline tickets for you. Whether flying to Las Vegas, heading home for holiday travel or wondering where you should go next, flight comparison is a sure way to help you get what you want. We’ll find the discount flights and special offers you’re looking for.

Best Travel Deals & Tips

  • 1. Never miss a flight offer by setting a KAYAK Price Alert. We’ll alert you when prices change. Not sure when to go? Select “Anytime” to keep your options open.
  • 2. Have a preferred airline or in a loyalty program? No problem. Our Flight Search allows you to compare airfares, flight paths, flight durations and more. You can also filter by airline so you see only the results you’re interested in. Find the lowest airfare from your favorites like Delta, American Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue and more.
  • 3. Save even more on round-trip travel by booking two one-way flights. Called Hacker Fares, they can save you money when you travel (so you have more to spend on activities and other things to do).
  • 4. Want WiFi while in the air? Looking for extra legroom? Worried about baggage fees? Know what you’re getting into before you book. Our search results tell you what’s included, and what you might have to pay for.
  • 5. Make your dates flexible to find the best deal. We can search up to 3 days before and after your preferred travel dates or give you a 30-day calendar view to see if there’s a better rate to be found.
  • 6. Want to travel but on a budget? Our Explore tool will show you everywhere you can fly to based on how much you want to spend on plane tickets.

Domestic Flight Deals

From New York City to Hawaii, we can find you the best flights to your top destinations. Planning a business trip to Chicago? Family vacation in Orlando? A romantic getaway to Miami? We’ll find the cheapest deals from across the web.

International Flight Deals

London or Amsterdam, we’ll help you find cheap flight deals to Europe. Cross Thailand and India off your travel bucket-list. Plan an Australian adventure. No matter where you’re going, KAYAK will search hundreds of travel sites at once -- saving you time and money.