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Cons: "Good as expected"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "On this day, I’m well please."

Cons: "Ensuring passengers left room for everyone's bags. There was a man who put many items up above leaving me no room for my bag in the bins >:("

Pros: "Fast travel"
Cons: "Customer service"

Pros: "I was trying to make a connection and the crew moved me up to the front to get off the plane faster."

Pros: "Seats were really comfortable and find was great"
Cons: "In flight movies and TV shows we're a bit dated and didn't find any of them very desirable"

Pros: "Movie"
Cons: "Crew at boarding and on flight were not kind. Very disappointing"

Pros: "Comfortable seats."

Pros: "They are all very friendly"

Pros: "Boarding process and take off was the most efficient - truly impressive! I don’t think this had anything to do with the airline, but every flight with them was so quiet (no crying babies/children, loud adult conversations), I thought I could hear the pin drop! Their safety demonstration was uniquely done by dancer, which made it interesting to watch every time! I left my jacket on one of my flights, but they returned it to me when I boarded the next flight - I was gratefully surprised! They had complementary tooth brush/toothpaste, ear plugs and eye masks in the restrooms. I thought this was a good way to reduce passing out items not all passengers wanted. I wish all airlines could copy these amazing features from them."
Cons: "Their meals were underwhelming- in four flights on my trip, they were basically the same main course. The rolls with margarine, same fruit and strongly cultural seasoned vegetables that were served every time, all of which I could not eat. I have liked every airline meals and hospital food, but their food was below institutional food quality. For an Asian airline, the flight attendants were rather crude in their speech and mannerisms. I could barely hear and understand the announcements in spite the fact that passengers were extremely quiet. Their choices of movies were very poor; it seemed that 3 out of 4 flights had similar options."

Pros: "Crew and attendants did very well"
Cons: "Gate change communication"

Pros: "Food and service"

Pros: "Amazing crew and food; clean lavatories throughout the flight"
Cons: "Need more elbow space; 10 seats across in the economy section really soured the experience"

Pros: "Food."
Cons: "The economy seat is too cramped!"

Cons: "Great flight, and food was pretty good as well."

Pros: "Very good service."

Pros: "Good food. Lots of movie selections. I like the amenities in the bathroom."
Cons: "Less space. No socket to charge phone."

Pros: "Eva Air had attendants on the ground pointing us all in the right direction to catch our flights with the minimum delay! Such a Quick turn around I was expecting my luggage wouldn't even make the flight!! But it did!! Also liked their mood lighting to replicate the time of day, since they asked us to keep our shades pulled all the time. Nice restrooms and I appreciated the toothbrush, earplugs and eyeshades they stocked in the restrooms!"
Cons: "Seats were tight. I usually have food served that will acclimate you to your destination city time zone. Not so with Eva Air. Two dinners instead of a Breakfast."

Pros: "Quick boarding, felt like more leg room than usual, polite courteous staff, good movie selection."
Cons: "Food was good, but I've had better with other Asian airlines. They served me croissant with breakfast that was so dry, it crumbled all over my lap."

Pros: "Attentive crew, clean washrooms, decent chairs, great food, enough entertainment. It was easy to transfer trains in an airport we have never been to."

Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"

Pros: "Having an aisle seat on a packed glf"
Cons: "The attitude of some of the flight attendants. You ask got ice with your beverage and it's like I am asking for the world. And, then you get a couple pieces of ice if you're lucky but only have s glass of beverage. Is that ridiculous or what... both leaving the States and upon returning was the same's only ice..."

Pros: "Wonderful service, comfortable seating (compared to American airline seats) and attentive and polite crew!"

Pros: "Great vegetarian options that can be selected in advance. Very kind and courteous staff! Flew Eva to and from Asia and staff consistently exceeded expectations."
Cons: "Husband and I got separated for long leg from Taipei to Seattle. Got stuck in between to very large men...impossible to really sleep. The middle seats should cost less."

Pros: "Beautiful stewardesses on EVA, big aircraft."
Cons: "TVs are outdated and small. Not as roomy as the 777."

Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "Same as above, but there were not a lot of open seats, so we were moved to the bulkhead."

Pros: "economy plus was well worth the extra money"

Pros: "Nothing. I find it ridiculous because I find a good deal on a flight I don't get credit for any of the miles!! I fly to Thailand 3-4 times a year and all I want is to get good service and when I have a three hour layover in Taipei to b able to go to the gold card lounge and relax!!"

Pros: "extra room in the extended economy class. i was upgraded to there because of my gold star alliance"
Cons: "nothing to note"

Cons: "The seats are too small. There is not enough leg room. Very uncomfortable !!"

Pros: "i liked the emergency seat because I had more room"
Cons: "The flight from Seattle to Taiwan was one of the worst flights I ever had. Not only was there no outlet for me to do work, but the 2nd level of the plane was unusually warm and stuff. However flying back from Taiwan to Seattle was not as uncomfortable, it was still annoying to not have an outlet. Also the entertainment screen on those flights were really small. Lastly, the food overall was mediocre, but that was not as big of a deal to me."

Pros: "I remember back when i was a kid and my Grandmother took us to Disneyland, back when there was "Service" in the USA. If i can avoid any US carrier, and I will fly with EVA. there is meals on flight, checked bags, carry-on bags, smiles, all without extra fees, charges, and they were least expensive to fly."
Cons: "As with all airlines the seats are a little tight and a bit more legroom would be nice, I am a larger man and it was still comfortable even after 18 hours of flight time."

Pros: "same as previous flight"
Cons: "same as previous flight"

Pros: "I became very light-headed during flight and received excellent and compassionate care. Wonderful crew."
Cons: "The food is fine but not great"

Pros: "This was my first time flying Eva. Overall a positive experience. Crew and staff were professional and polite."
Cons: "I was a little frustrated when standing in line to check in in Taipei. Only one active agent, a very long line and about six Eva employees chatting in the administrative area."

Pros: "There was a lot to keep you busy."
Cons: "The food was dry."

Pros: "No issues with boarding Departed and landed on time Nice blankets"
Cons: "Food was not good TV/movie options seemed limited Hot tea was very bitter"

Cons: "I had a strange experience with flight attendants who were obsessed with open and closed Windows (honestly why does it matter?) and was constantly being told to take off headphones which no other airlines make you do anymore. The flight attendants were just overbearing and rude at times."

Pros: "The stewardesses were outstanding and really seemed to care how we were treated. Fantastic"
Cons: "the entertainment from the flight from Taiwan to the Philippines was unsatisfactory in every conceivable way . No choices, no quality and the same for everyone."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Personalized attention"

Pros: "They didn't feed me after 12 hours of flight from Taiwan to Seattle."
Cons: "Nothing to like about Alaska airlines."

Pros: "This was a two-level plane and I was given a seat on the second floor. The second floor was quieter and I had a lot of leg room which made the long flight very comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was delayed approximately 2.5 hours. We boarded the flight and then sat in the plane as repairs were being made. The problem was "water leakage" and the restrooms were being worked on. Many people still used the restrooms while they were under maintenance. I'm unsure if that is what slowed down the repairing process, but if the plane was being repaired, I would rather not sit on the plane during the 2+ hour process."

Cons: "Always late, had been sitting in the airplane did 3 hours before even starting my 12 houra flight. My other 3 flights were also not on time..."

Pros: "Could charge my phone!"
Cons: "Not a fan of crowded economy class flights"

Pros: "My connecting flight was late and they held my flight from Taipei to Seattle for me to make that flight, otherwise would have been a 24 hr wait. Thank you EVA! What great service!"

Cons: "the kid was kicking the back of my seat for 12hrs...."

Pros: "good service good price good pilots"
Cons: "Plane is old and outdated as far as entertainment seats old. Crew are efficient but just like robots. Boring"

Pros: "2 meal service, entertainment"
Cons: "Need air flow, too stuffy, small leg room"

Pros: "When we checked in it would have been helpful to have a crew member tell my husband and I that we were not sitting together so we could have tried to address. We didn't notice until we were boarding. The service cart was busy more than our flight to HI."

Pros: "Great service with a smile. Brandon was very courteous and patient with everyone. Professional at all times but very hospital like family."

Cons: "So ac!!!"

Pros: "The atmosphere in the flight was cam and mellow. I love the haeaiin music playing."
Cons: "The food served was a bit gross for breakfast."

Cons: "Tight seating. Limited entertainment options without having to pay extra"

Pros: "The crew was great."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. My seatbelt had melted chocolate in it (from a previous flight) and this mess got all over my pants."

Cons: "Self-help ticketing system is not friendly, long lines (50 min) to see a agent. Too cold in the cabin so blanket is not free either. Staff aren't very patient and friendly in Honololulu airport."

Cons: "We were very disappointed that there wasn't a complimentary in-flight movie during our 6-hour flight."

Pros: "Use Cash to transfer my baggage, not just my card,please."
Cons: "Bad meals"

Pros: "Crew was nice. Boarding was good. They supplied a meal and it was a very smooth uneventful flight."
Cons: "Cabin was cold but if you wanted a blanket you had to buy one. Seat in front of us was broke and delayed the flight while they tried to fix it (they did not)."

Pros: "Delayed flight. Pilots were great about giving information to passengers. Attendants were wonderful."
Cons: "We have never had a long flight without any movie choices or other entertainment for the entire trip. It is not ok to have such a void in offerings for passengers for such a long flight. We will never fly Hawaii again because of this. Seems like this airline has gotten carried away with cost cutting. Sorry to say, I will be sharing this disappointment with friends. We have never flown with this carrier before, but we expected better."

Pros: "The crew was great in helping us try to make our connecting flight after we realized we might miss it. They helped us tag our gate-checked stroller (which we had to ditch) and let us off the plane first. And the pilot notified the ground crew at our connecting flight too. Thank you, we made the flight!"
Cons: "The 1 hr delay in OGG caused us to nearly miss our connecting flight in SEA."

Cons: "The Honolulu airport is difficult to navigate, very confusing, and crowded (not your fault, I know, but airlines should demand more from the airport administration). The entertainment options under "complimentary" all required a payment, even the ones I watched for free on the first leg of the flight from Tokyo."

Pros: "Nice to have a meal. The mai tai was great! Charging for movies is not appreciated though."

Pros: "We made it."
Cons: "Some crew members were quite rude and not accommodating. Simple requests for water were not met or were met with serious attitude. No food alternatives, which does not work for me as I have a particular allergy. There was no entertainment or wine available (I booked an international flight -- which in my experience always includes these things including special meals. We were treated as if we were flying domestically, which was not what we paid for). I won't be booking Hawaiian Airlines again."

Cons: "When I booked the flight, I was not able to select my seat despite paying a hefty sum (well over double the cost of normal). As I went to check in, I still was not able to select a seat. As I refreshed my mobile check-in, I finally was assigned a seat just prior to boarding. As I stood in-line to board, I noticed that my seat changed, which also meant a different boarding zone. I left the line to wait for the next queue to board. As I stood in line again to board, I was called to the podium by an agent. They informed me that my seat changed. At this point, I was one of the last to board. My final seat on the plane ended being in a seat that did not recline (which is terrible for a 5.5 hour flight), next to a woman that spilled over into my seat. And in front of a very tall gentleman with his feet staying next to me most of the ride. At the price I paid and the changes they were making, I would have preferred an upgrade. The cost for my ticket was well over what i would have been charged for first class on any other day."

Pros: "Very comfortable, good entertainment choices, thank you for providing a meal."
Cons: "the zone system was very inefficient. It would also help if the attendants used the PA and didn't just scream into the crowd."

Pros: "Same as Syndey to Honolulu."
Cons: "Same as Sydney to Honolulu"

Pros: "free wine with dinner. and bathrooms were close to my seat. and the free meal with your flight was nice"
Cons: "had to stop the plane and turn around because of 2 passengers. and you have to pay for movies. and old movies to boot. that was lame."

Pros: "I liked the plane had 2-4-2 seating, a USB plugin, and the fact that the first flight was right on schedule."
Cons: "Leg room was average at best. I'm 5'9" and my knees barely cleared the seat in front of me. Food was crappy. Disappointed to find that there were NO movies or TV for free. $8 per movie for 6 hour fight? Every other airline I've traveled offers some sort of free movies or TV for that length of flight."

Pros: "The staff were very confrontational and rude. I never write reviews but this as a very bad way to end an amazing vacation. Basically it felt like they said screw you get off our island. I've never had a bad airport experience until this one."
Cons: "The staff working customer service, baggage check, security."

Cons: "I think you could provide 1free movie on the flight since it is a fairly long flight. That plus your meal you would be the only way to fly."

Pros: "The chairs, meal, snacks, drinks,flight info on screen, & crew members"

Pros: "Timely. Relatively roomy aircraft."
Cons: "You have to pay for baggage. They weigh carry-ons."

Pros: "Nothing - relieved to leave finally"
Cons: "Every employee who works in Maui"

Pros: "Cabin crew were very good and efficient."
Cons: "Late departure (over an hour). Seat lumpy and tray tables loose and rickety. Monitor wasn't very good at all."

Pros: "Staff on plane"
Cons: "Theyou would not check out bags through to wenatchee and we therfore missed our flight."

Pros: "Crew was very friendly and professional"
Cons: "Flight was delayed; initially told 30 mins, then 30 mins more, then about another 30 mins. No real info was given as to the why they had to stop boarding, have passengers get off of the plane, unload the bags, get a new plane and start the process.... several passengers were just told "30 min advisory delay""

Pros: "Everything, the flight was smooth, the food and snacks were great and the service was excellent. Both flights were on time."
Cons: "No complaints about anything."

Pros: "Firstly, this was the biggest plane I've ever flown on, so that on its own was a new experience. Almost everything about the flight was perfect. The flight attendants were very polite, the seats were comfortable, everything was very clean, the complimentary food was great, and overall it was a pleasant experience."
Cons: "My only complaint is about the touch screen in the headrest, it wasn't always responsive to touch no matter how forceful."

Pros: "Loved the plane, crew and complimentary meal."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit messy, yet not too bad!"

Pros: "they served a meal like in "the old days" they were pleasant plane was spotless and new"
Cons: "Zero"

Pros: "The staff was very helpful, however it should not have gotten to that point."
Cons: "Upon purchasing via Kayak 5 weeks prior to departure date via Kayak-I got no confirmation of receipt via email or an option to choose seats. No confirmation of purchase made. Confirmed with credit card of confirmed purchase after 48 hours of purchase. I also needed to physically go down to airport and inquire with desk clerk (who was very helpful) on the confirmation of flight info/code, next the desk clerk picked my seats which he chose window and seat next to (2 parties/traveling with child) not a problem considering I have cronic back issues. Weeks later, the Day before my flight as I checking in on line, my seats were moved to the worst possible place on the plane (2 center isle seats-again back issues would cause constant and periodic standing/sitting rotations at the very back of the plane-46 row, which prompted a second physical visit to airport front desk. Upon arrival first reservation code was not valid, desk clerks again helped out immensly. Desk clerk reassigned both parties to NEW seats (which were the handi-seats on reserve, advised by clerk that this was not "Guaranteed" seats). Later on at Check in time-Seats moved yet again, this time separated from my child (Very poor). After check in was advised to get past security checkpoint, go to gate & see desk clerk fronting gate to inquire about seat changes MAYBE they can help. AGAIN desk clerks very helpful & moved seats to accomidate my circumstances. High Stress & Unwanted anxiety FROM PURCHASE-RIGHT UP TO THE GATE. EXTREMELY POORLY EXECUTED COMMUNICATION, CONFIRMATION CODES WRONG, SEATS MOVED MULTIPLE TIMES & SEPARATED FROM MY CHILD TO TOP OFF. HOPE NOT ALL WAS AS "Stress Inducing" as my purchase. Maybe-BIG MAYBE......NEXT TIME."

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Refreshment service"

Pros: "Meals are complementary (they pride themselves on being the only US airline that still serves complementary meals) and they had some complementary wine. Staff are friendly and my flights arrived either on time or early."
Cons: "The meals, though free, were pretty mediocre, but then again I guess all airplane food is. The complementary wine was also pretty bad. My sister is lactose intolerant, and they didn't have a dairy-free option for her. They sold snacks, blankets, and headphones but no longer take cash for them. Also I thought blankets used to be free? If you wanted to watch a movie or TV, you had to pay something like $8."

Pros: "Food! Real food! Not just a tiny bag o nuts or pretzels! It's a long flight..that's just not enuf for what you paid for the trip!!!!!!!!!! Awesomest service EVER!!!! I've flown with Hawaiian airlines just twice and I recommend them to EVERYONE!!!!"
Cons: "Kinda high on the price of movies"

Pros: "Everything went fairly smoothly from boarding, in-flight and landing. Food was good and the crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Not sure if this is in your control but there was a breakdown somewhere with the luggage conveyor and it took so long to receive our baggage; especially for those of us who had arrived at the airport early for departure and checked in early, our baggage was the last to be unloaded and got stuck until the conveyor was fixed."

Pros: "meal as part of the flight"
Cons: "limited leg room but in all better than most planes"

Pros: "Definitely appreciated the hot meal and comp wine! Was not expecting that. Thanks much."
Cons: "Overall my experience was a positive one, however I feel the need to express my dissatisfaction with the luggage process. It was the first time (though admittedly I don't travel oftenI I was told I had to print my own tags, using the kiosk. The person receiving the luggage was not very helpful when I explained I wasn't familiar with the kiosk. Though I was the only one in the luggage line at the time He made no attempt to give me instructions. Sent me to a "special services" line which, if I had stayed in it, I may have missed my flight. Fortunately, another airline rep came to my rescue at the kiosk and patiently and courteously completed the procedure for me. Would have liked to have some "free" movies offered as on other airlines I have taken. Fortunately I had a friendly seatmate who invited me to enjoy a movie she purchased, using one of her earphones."

Pros: "Free meal and wine with it was nice."
Cons: "The seat reclining mechanism was completely missing, just a hole where it should have been."

Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "I had picked our seats so that my bday and I could sit next to each other, there and back, and both flights they had changed it so that we weren't sitting together and said they couldn't get us seats together because the flight was full. What's the point of picking seats if they are going to change them?!"

Cons: "Open up the waiting area at the gate earlier, there were 20+ people waiting for a place to sit."

Pros: "Apparently Hawaiian is the last airline reminiscent of the 90s (minus the smoking). They have an included meal, complimentary glass of wine for 21+, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, no extra charge for carry-ons and a non-standard somewhat fun safety video."
Cons: "Entertainment is not included, which is not that bad, but since every seat had its own touch screen, it would have been nice to include one movie or tv show for free."

Pros: "Free meals, easy boarding, pleasant crew and comfortable chair!"
Cons: "Flight attendants hurried by without explaining what they were offering or selling. The media tablet was not working well on both flights."

Pros: "Hawaiian Airlines understands perfectly how to ensure flying is a comfortable, pleasant and consistently experience filled Aloha...from the welcoming, ptofessionsl staff, complimentary glass of wine and delicious meal, tasty snack, exacting flight sceduled and overall passenger comfort. Truly the best airline to fly every time!"
Cons: "Would appreciate a comimentary international news program in flight."

Pros: "Food was served! It's been a long time since I was served a complimentary meal on a flight."
Cons: "Entertainment was terrible. Expensive for mediocre entertainment and the complimentary entertainment was terrible."

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "Great friendly service, generous with food and drinks, comfortable seats, and USB ports that were easily accessible. Other small details made it nice. The soap in the bathroom smells amazing, and the entertainment screens have a privacy filter so that you're not bothered by people watching TV/movies around you."
Cons: "Nothing to really complain about here. More of a general annoyance that occurs on all planes - it irritates me when the entertainment screens turn on when there are any announcements made over the intercom. I had it turned off so that I could relax and listen to music, but it seems like a safety measure so I can't fault the airline too much of course."

Pros: "Flight 22 did not have a gate at SEATAC. We waited over a hour before we could disembark!!"

Pros: "The staff was very accommodating with my brothers broken leg, they allowed him to prop his foot up throughout the flight"

Pros: "The crew is not so amazing and the food is not so good.They only serve pork and sea food..i don't eat those food for my religion and i asked for another food anything as long as i had something for im starving, for they never had another food to give? You mean i cannot have food while boarding the plane? Im starving and they don't gibe us any food to eat even if i asked them if theres anything . And that is a total not agreeable we are 3 people riding the plane myself and my kids and we did not have anything to eat. The crew is rude when I asked something instead of looking for another food is theres any. I paid for my flight including the food and i was not able to eat."
Cons: "Crew serving food should be nice and make sure that all passengers have food to eat especially if one, two or three or more doesn't eat pork and shrimp..if only i could i could transfer plane at that moment i will do it. Hope they will not feel the way i feel i was starving the whole flight.."

Pros: "The crew was good, not much as it was a red eye, but they were friendly and helpful"

Pros: "Fast and easy to board nice crew worked fast and smooth large proposal for entertainment"
Cons: "more diversity of beverage offered Also please propose coffee or tea before/after dinner and breakfast, nobody proposed me and I thought it would come later but nothing came. I should have asked before the end of the service but I was surprised it wasn't coming automatically."

Pros: "LOVED the cup of Ramen anytime snack and curved utensils for eating on a moving plane, genius! Service and quality of product is great. If possible, I will always Choose Cathay Pacific airlines over any US Legacy Airlines to Asia any day!"
Cons: "Stop shrinking the check-in luggage size and allowable weight every few years. It's a nuisance to have to buy new luggage every few years when perfectly working luggage has to be thrown away because of size requirement shrinkage."

Cons: "This airline will cancel your flight and blame it on customs in the US - the truth is the flight was undersold and they did not want to travel with so few passengers."

Pros: "The crew was great. They were very quick to respond to any requests and were very accommodating."

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Delay without infromation"

Pros: "Crew was very efficient and boarding was easy."
Cons: "The flight was late."

Pros: "Friendly crew. Nice plane."
Cons: "Can’t think of any complaints."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Bathroom is clean, but could be better if more attention is being given."

Cons: "Icecream too hard"

Cons: "Ok perfect will do it again"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Nothing it was perfect .the flight was so excellent .no words to say"

Pros: "Reasonable leg room in the economy"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours I could not take on board by carry on luggage because it weighted 10kg. Food service was poor and not well organized"

Pros: "Familarity with airline"
Cons: "Limited food options. No drinks service."

Pros: "Excellent ..."
Cons: "We were served only breakfast and lunch ... in 16 hour travel with a cup of noodles if you asked, the stewardess needed to get reminders couple of times. The steward serving food was excellent. No coffee nor drinks were offered after meals. Food was good though."

Pros: "There was nothing worth liking . Plane was dirty in side . Tray tables were broken. Used pillows without hygiene sealed bags. Toilets were missing basic supplies."
Cons: "Crew was aggressive and impolite even with senior citizens . There is no point in speaking English with senior citizen of Asian decent. Making faces and giggling among themselves with a sarcasm."

Pros: "The movie selection + the crew was friendly."
Cons: "There were kids who were not well behaved. Their parents would not correct them, neither did the crew. There was a kid screaming and talking very loud behind me, while everyone was sleeping. I was unable to sleep on the flight, even with ear plugs. The kid sitting next to me was getting Play-doh everywhere, on me, the floor and all over the seats. He was also kicking the seat in front of him and his mother would not correct him. It would be helpful for the crew to say something to the parents, as some parents do not believe in discipline. The vegan food was very good on the flight to Hong Kong, but on the flight to Chicago it was bland. I was still very hungry after eating + did not get protein in the first meal. With the seat in front of me reclined all the way back, my knees were touching the back of the seat, my legs were swollen and in a lot of pain after the flight."

Pros: "The crew is so nice!"
Cons: "Same seat selection issue."

Pros: "The crew was totally professional, the food was good, but the passengers were horrible, which is not Cathay Pacific’s fault."
Cons: "The American films were good but they could be better."

Cons: "The wheel chair assistance came very late. This aspect can be improved further. It can be more efficient. Although wheel chair assistance is asked, the electric car to move people can also help to compensate for the wait times."

Pros: "Great crew, very professional. Food good. Easy boarding. Staff at check in were great fixing the problem of my seating."
Cons: "I had booked my seats online, however nothing was in place when checking in."

Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "That they continuously made mistakes and wasted my time and money. Let alone no sleep and carrying everything to 3 different terminals not completing my trip on any of them. Now I’m spending Valentine’s Day alone in a hotel in Hong Kong instead of meeting my gfs family and sleeping with her the first time in Manila."

Pros: "Always in time for landing and take off always before schedule"
Cons: "Present long security questions and many times checkings at airport before departure specially from Hongkong"

Pros: "I wasn’t"
Cons: "I didn’t like the fact I had a different gate on my boarding pass. We were waiting at terminal 2 for 5 hours thingking that’s where our gate was. One hour before our boarding I come to find out that our gate was in a whole other terminal, we almost missed our flight. We would have missed it if I didnt as the ticket counter when is the Seattle flight going to go up on the screen. Poor communication on Alaska airlines part. Not very happy with that I had to rush to the other terminal because I had the wrong information on my boarding pass."

Pros: "Flight from Toronto to Hong Kong was late departing due to a snow storm. Most on the flight missed connections. Cathay staff were waiting on the jetway with plans for everyone that missed their connection to Sydney. Just impeccable organisation and service."

Cons: "Hard to just get out of seat to go to bathroom, it’s to cramped"

Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "First time ever taking a roundtrip across the country with this airline and I am ~TO THE MOON~ excited over my experience. Comfortable seats, excellent food, excellent service, excellent movie choices on board. I can't wait to continually book with this airline on every flight I take across the country!"

Pros: "...except the plane was dirty (dirt all over the ceiling above me, long black hairs on the pillow they gave me) and one of the stewardesses had a bad attitude with me. Otherwise it was great."
Cons: "Plane not clean"

Pros: "From above ---to serve us, without getting sick, great job by the crew.t"
Cons: "They had us board from gate 4 and they added a security station and we wandered around trying to find the gate. Someone should have stayed out there to tell us why we couldn't even approach gate 4. It was total confusion being seated in gate 3."

Pros: "Very professional and attentive, also thoroughly enjoyed the food provided."
Cons: "Ah there was a lot of crying babies, but that isn't the airlines fault"

Cons: "Cramped seats."

Cons: "flight was late"

Pros: "Entertainment okay. Screen small"
Cons: "No legroom at all. And I'm not even a big person."

Pros: "The flight attendance were polite and helpful. They are very generous in pouring the red wine for the passengers. Food/beverages are fine as compared with other cross Atlantic airlines. The captain was very pleasant during his in-flight announcements; complete and thorough. The bathrooms were quite clean."

Pros: "Friendly staff and helped me."

Pros: "Pilots were great! Flight staff didn't seem to care much. Didn't hand out water or juice. When asking for it it seemed like a problem. Wasn't impressed."

Cons: "Food and crew members was awful i never had such a bad experience with any airline I would never flight with this airline anymore"

Pros: "Happy to have goodnight on the flight. Was scared to fly on such a long flight because I'm a decent sized guy. I was even more afraid when I realized I was out in a middle seat. However, the seats are relatively spacious, even in economy and my knees weren't hitting the back of the seat in front of me. I also appreciated that we could get up to grab water or juice at any time during the flight."
Cons: "Boarding could be more organized."

Pros: "For a long flight, it was comforable."
Cons: "There could have had more fruit for snacks."

Pros: "Excellent crew service, comfortable seats."
Cons: "A little difficult to understand the announcement in English."

Pros: "Very nice crew and stuff , clean plane, clean facilities. Everything is superb."

Pros: "Direct and quick flight to bali"
Cons: "The seats were extremely uncomfortable and dirty. Overall, the plane was very dirty. Floors were dirty. Plane was freezing and they didn't provide us with blankets. The staff was slightly aggressive and didn't want to help. They were more transactional in wanting to just do the basics of their jobs and not go beyond - unlike singapore airlines, Turkish airlines, or emirates."

Pros: "Behaviour of flight crew, punctual arrival,food and departure.Great prices. Nice support from ground staff during lengthy queues at Kolkata immigration.Thanks!"
Cons: "Nothing much ! Restriction of cabin baggage to 7 kilograms for passengers on very long routes ( Kolkata ,HongKong to Boston and San Juan in my case) and being asked to weigh all cabin baggages and check in a cabin baggage of 9 Kilos."

Pros: "Extra leg room upgrade, was well worth the cost. Bathrooms were kept clean by the staff on a 15 hour flight."
Cons: "Could not get bottled water between meals and ,apparently an USA regulation, could not bring bottled water on the plane for an international flight into the u.s."

Pros: "Nothing wrong with the flights, but big issues with Cathay Pacific coordinating connecting flights after first flight was canceled."
Cons: "I was waiting and standing to find out about my rebooked flight for 3 hours. The Cathay pacific employees in Manila tried their best to get everyone on the next connecting flights out, but there was no proper system. Everyone was trying to handle the cases of multiple passengers rather than delegating tasks. PLUS the new flight went through an additional stopover in Vancouver... Was not messaged about any compensation."

Pros: "Service Food"
Cons: "Crowded Bumpy"

Pros: "Cathay Pacific is an amazing airline with the best economy service and best in-flight entertainment I've ever encountered. They really make you feel comfortable on lengthy trans-Pacific flights, and their hub in Hong Kong is spectacular."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I had requested a diabetic meal and they came to talk to me about any other specifics that could be affect the reasons for my choice for have a diabetic meal. The flight attendants were very courteous and polite"
Cons: "It has nothing to do with the airline really, but the person in front of me had their seat back but because of the long legs of the person behind me, I was unable to recline, so I did sometimes feel in a bit of a closed spot. Not the airline's fault really."

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