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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air China
Overall score based on 5,753 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "What a bad experience People who are more then 60 y old and on wheel chair can’t speak English well crew and team should take charge and handle the situation."
Cons: "Quit difficult to travel on air China it was first experience At least they should nice care and show genuine hospitality and respect."

Pros: "The food was good."
Cons: "The entertainment system."

Pros: "Pricing"
Cons: "Planes not being delayed, causing us to miss our layovers."

Pros: "Crew is always friendly on Cathay. Cathay operates this flight."
Cons: "They could have acknowledged my emerald status. They could have upgraded me to premium economy. That’s about all. It was a basic economy seat so not so great. Terrible space under that seat - blocked by video machinery."

Pros: "Refunded or compensated"

Cons: "Big delay in PEK"

Pros: "Good to have a footrest. Toilets in good condition."
Cons: "Low entertainment options Low quality of food. Same sauce used for both the meals. Didn't smell that great."

Pros: "Service, food, entertainment, flight experience"

Cons: "Bad food choice"

Pros: "Crew was helpful and polite"
Cons: "Food was terrible compared to other airlines in the region and the entertainment options were limited."

Cons: "It turns out that we had to ask for a seat that is near a baby bassinet beforehand. Like it’s not obvious from the tickets that we’ve purchased that we are boarding with a baby. The truth is that Air Asia prefers to sell those seats instead of making sure that you would be comfortable with a baby boarding."

Cons: "Horrible food"

Pros: "The crew was very friendly, spoke great English, even though my wife was happy to translate, but was not needed. Good food."
Cons: "The plane was quite outdated, and so the entertainment system. However, it was comfortable to sleep."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Horrible staff. I ordered wheel chair and was told to follow one other person instead. There were about 10-15 people who needed wheel chairs following one person on foot...Food was horrible too.."

Pros: "The flight attendants where excellent."
Cons: "n/a"

Pros: "dealys"
Cons: "delays"

Pros: "Everything was surprisingly decent."
Cons: "Seats we’re lacking appropriate padding."

Cons: "2 hr. delay, missed connection to Manila, nightmare to get baggage, transfer to another airline, 9 hrs. longer than planned travel due to delay in departure from Manila, supposed cold weather had frozen water lines???? Not the first time delayed flight, caused problem for connection. should make Manila connection layover 4 hrs. not 2, since the flight from New York/Newark ALWAYS late."

Pros: "The screen was fault."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They tried to screw me over with my reservation from the beginning. No notifications of any changes to my flight or anything. Missed my initial flight going home. Paid another airline to catch my transfer flight and was denied the ability to board. Had to pay for a brand new ticket which I am currently going to dispute with my creditor. They are not American friendly at all. Felt targeted the entire time."

Pros: "Don't expect much and you will be delighted by what you get!"
Cons: "I could not choose my seat. Assigned a seat near the back (last row with 3 chairs) and a small plastic box took up most of my legroom."

Pros: "Crew efficient"
Cons: "No entertainment, console broken. Ran out of menu item of choice, but alternative was easily digestible."

Cons: "My main large suitcase did not make the transfer; plane was late arriving Bejing"

Pros: "Crew, hostesses, attitude, arriving earlier"

Pros: "That Thai Air let us use their business lounge since we arrived 9 hours before leaving.We were bus class with them"
Cons: "Cannot check your bags when in transit and go to your business lounge."

Cons: "We were delayed in the plane on the ground for seven hours. I missed my connecting flight by five hours. Worst flying experience I have ever had."

Cons: "The seats were very close together so when the person in front of you reclined back, it was very uncomfortable."

Cons: "Food was bland. Flight attendants are extremely rude."

Cons: "The food and drinks are limited from all flights. Due to the limitation on the carry-on luggage, I had to place my camera batteries and other stuffs to the check-in luggage at the check in counter in Washington DC. The Chinese custom in Beijing took them all. They are normally just take the battery charger, but not the camera batteries. These are expensive items and not conviniece at all to customer."

Cons: "Hi, I would like to file for a full refund for the flight which I purchased. Upon arriving at the ticketing counter at LAX, I was denied my boarding pass with the reason that I needed a transit visa. I did not need a transit visa as I hold a Malaysian passport. The ticketing agent was being unprofessional and told me to walk to the Eva air counter to purchase another ticket if I so desperately want to leave. I purchased a business class ticket and was being treated really rudely. I have contacted Air China customer service but they are not responsive or helpful in any way. I showed them the China embassy website stating that I do not need a transit visa and they called me the next day saying they are willing to reschedule my flight for another $700. I would like a full refund for the ticket I purchased. Thanks, Sue"

Cons: "Flight was cancelled and the airline was not empathetic or helpful."

Cons: "The flight from Hong Kong to Beijing delayed . Supposed departed at 8pm , then to 10pm then to 12 finally at 2am the flight was cancelled. Then rebook next day flight, depart at 11am but delay to 1pm. Service customers are not the priority to this company.Aviod to this air China if possible."

Cons: "we had a delay from Seoul to Beijing of over 5 hours causing us to miss our connecting flight to LAX our home destination. When we got to Beijing it was after 1:30 in the morning and we were given very poor directions to get on to our connecting flight which was not guaranteed until 9 pm that evening (19 hours later). Thankfully we were able to get on the stand by flight at noon but due to the rush of getting our standby tickets barely an hour before the flight we ended up losing our costly contact lenses at security checkpoint and when my wife called China Air representative to mail the lost items back to LAX when we could pick them up we got no help but have to find some courier service and we are still having trouble getting our items back."

Cons: "Boarding and deplaning from the tarmac vs a jetway"

Cons: "Both flight to and from had at least one plane with no entertainment. They're 13 and 6hrs. They also don't let you use your phone. Even on airplane mode. Both to and from also got delayed. Which may or may not be up to the airline."

Pros: "the food wasnt bad"
Cons: "delayed 2 hours with no explanation, then delayed on plane for another hour and a half with no explanation. Air china is nothing like flying in the US. they dont tell you anything thats going on and definitely make you feel small in the grand scheme of things"

Pros: "Food on PKG to JFK was very good, staff on planes were nice and efficient. Lounge in PKG was roomy and not overloaded, but food was weak. The 6 across lie flat worked good for me, not as roomy as the 4 across in some competitors but for the price was very good. I would do it all again gladly if I knew they fixed the airport - but how would you know and how could you believe them."
Cons: "Most important AVOID Beijing for transfer. 1.5 Hours on line, open unchanneled line with cut ins and it might be 2 hours if we were not a typical couple who walked past it not believing there could be sucha large line for merely doing and international transfer. This is of course after a long long walk with minimal signage. Good thing I scheduled a 4 hour layover - it became a 2 hour stand over. A horror. If I book that again I my wife may divorce me."

Pros: "staff was very friendly and helpful. I must say I was scared after reading some reviews but it was great and pleasant. I flew coach and would def do it again because of how smoothly it went. If I did put a negative comment it would be about the food, my friend liked her food but I am a picky eater so not so much for me. BUT it's air plane food so I wasn't expecting much."

Cons: "Crew was not friendly. Food was mediocre. Drinks were mediocre. Seats were very uncomfortable. There was no English entertainment offered and they wouldn't let you use your phone on airplane mode. Air China's website doesn't work or do they have people answering the phones hey make you so it's impossible to check in ahead of time and select good seats."

Pros: "Most of crew members are very nice and kind."
Cons: "The entertainment system didn't work"

Cons: "I missed my first flight due to heavy fog in Nanchang and the highways were closed, so when I arrived, they wanted to charge my $2000 to change all of my flights. After 2 hours of excruciating battle, they agreed to let me buy another flight to beijing for $400 and I could meet my originally scheduled 2nd flight to the USA. USA airlines would NEVER charge this outrageous price if a flight was missed to to being out of my control. Will never fly Air china again."

Pros: "The personal is very kind and polite"
Cons: "Very long time to waiting in the plane, the audio of the movies could be better"

Pros: "I got to USA! After 14 yrs overseas!"
Cons: "The crew was out there in space! I have to bring to her attention twice after serving a meal to the middle and aile passenger!!! At least! Pls! Can u smile! I feel that I was not welcome to the flight!!!"

Cons: "No food for purchase. Rude service, lots of rules on board. Small movie selection."

Cons: "Same as before. Plus I was not allowed to play games on my phone. All the other people sitting around me was allowed to play on their laptops and IPad but i wasn't allowed to play on my phone"

Pros: "staff, food, attention, cleanliness"
Cons: "crowding, no space to put incidentals during the flight, movie choices. Flying over, we went economy plus. Much more comfortable. Later found out that seats were not what we thought so took economy seats. Big difference in terms of space. (Don't think I got my money refunded either, for their booking mistake.)"

Pros: "The boarding call was quick"
Cons: "Crew was rude and service was not too great."

Pros: "There was nothing special about the flight"
Cons: "It was late taking off from Beijing and the ground crew did not inform the passengers what was going on. The food was mediocre, there was no breakfast and the video/monitor attached to my seat did not work!!!!"

Pros: "Really enjoy the individual video for each seat and the footrest for this long flight."
Cons: "People opening the shade during the flight and not enforced by the crew. Food quality was horrible!! Did not like the bus ride out to the airplane."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Nanchang to Austin

Airlines flying from Nanchang to Austin have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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