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Top airline flying North Bend to Kalamazoo Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

United Airlines
Overall score based on 68,171 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Landed early and everything was just as expected."

Cons: "I got two basic economy seats and no seat assignment until after other passengers had already started boarding. The gate agent showed up late so it was a hassle to get to the counter and find out where I was sitting. Then there was a long backup on the gang way, and we still couldn't get on the plane. We were delayed sitting on the tarmac for an extra hour, the crew could have given us drinks or snacks then."

Pros: "Boarded on time in challenging weather in Chicago. Got to Orlando on a day we could well have had problems getting a plane with the weather."
Cons: "The seat was the usual uncomfortable coach seat."

Pros: "We got our money back."
Cons: "The brakes locked up on the taxi-way and we were taken off the plane after 2 hours and returned to the terminal. After 2 hours and lots of maybes the plane was towed back to the terminal where it was repaired and ready for reboarding. By then we had cancelled the flights for all 7 of us."

Cons: "Ful flight and 2 small toilets."

Pros: "The connection time Mach very well。"
Cons: "I learned that 3 flight together long hours have no food been sever and we have time to get food from airport. Next time I will do better☺。"

Cons: "slight delay but still made connecting flight"

Pros: "The connecting flight from Chicago to Traverse City was very nice due to the leg room in the exit row I purchased at additional cost."
Cons: "The seats on the flight from Albany to Chicago were the new smaller type which were horrible for a 6,5 260 lb man in exit row economy seating. Dogs on board which was bad for my allergies. This seems to be the case more times than not. I’m asthmatic and very allergic to animals. I know, it’s all my fault..."

Pros: "This is really a United Flight, not a Lufthansa light."
Cons: "Scheduling 4 hours late at takeoff. Missed connections, Car rental ends up being cancelled."

Pros: "Crew worked very well with us."
Cons: "Hard seat cushions and narrow seats."

Pros: "Flying business class is always exciting and fun and it was a relatively good deal..."
Cons: "... but when you pay $2000 + for a business class ticket and then the lose you luggage and it’s now 8 hours later and they have not located it yet... that’s not good!"

Pros: "Made up slight delay on take off in the air"

Pros: "Service was good. Boarding was easy. Snacks were great."
Cons: "Entertainment was limited. On tv and not much to choose from."

Pros: "Staff was courteous. Flight on time. I sat 2 seats away from rear. Toilet smell was pervasive."
Cons: "Cramped seating conditions"

Pros: "The check in staff was super friendly"
Cons: "In flight entertainment didn't work and the flight was very bumpy."

Pros: "Flight was uncomfortably hot, seats are incredibly close together / too tight. Also flight was delayed"

Cons: "Lack of space in economy....might as well box each one of us up and stick us in the cargo hold."

Pros: "Good coverage help at ticket kiosks. Flight crew and attendants were attentive during flight in the area of the plane I observed. Good use of lemon sorbet to finish off dinner."
Cons: "An hour Delay in getting plane ready for boarding this was not due to any weather issue that could be observed. Pasta did not look appetizing and appeared too large of pasta and too much cheese to break into mouthfuls with a fork easily.There was a small amount of lettuce without a dressing and some cooked quinoa like grain next it I did not understand what the cooks were trying to do with. Seat is uncomfortable for tall passengers such as myself at 6'5". Important to bring neck support. I had brought one but it was not stiff enough to offer good support. It also would have been a nice touch for writing implements of one sort or another to have been passed out to complete the board card that needed to be filled when entering U.K."

Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Uncomfortable.. not enough leg room, seats don't lay back enough"

Pros: "Flight was smooth and on time"
Cons: "The boarding gate attendants were rude and uncaring when we asked them to help us switch pre-assigned seats to ensure our two year old sat with us. While we might have understood better had they been empathetic, they were rude and uncaring and said when you book online you sign a waiver and they can not do anything about this. Wow. This was our flight back. Originally on the way to our destination we had used Delta and that customer service experience was completely different even though that flight was full too. Never flying United again as long as I can avoid it."

Pros: "Flight was timely"
Cons: "Staff was extremely rude"

Pros: "Flight left on time"
Cons: "The sweet wafer was a lot of empty calories."

Cons: "Honestly, I am not a big fan of United right now and their airline policies. The flight was delayed for a hour. But at least I wasn't dragged off the plane or stuck in 95 degree weather for 5 hours."

Pros: "The flight came empty hence we were able to stretch and sleep across seats. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food served by United. It was a Lot and the crew took very good care of the people on the flight. The Pilot was also very engaging and provided tips about the route, etc."

Cons: "The crew was kind and we boarded quickly however the seats were small. Which mean when your 3.5 hour flight turns into 9 hours due to weather this can become very painful. There is no entertainment unless you brought your own device and without a plug to charge it becomes useless quickly."

Pros: "The snacks were great"
Cons: "Clearly a new flight crew. They needed some more practice with efficiency and reading the statements they are required to make. Previous flight was over an hour late arriving at the airport meaning that our flight was just as late departing for our flight. First we were told the flight was 20 minutes late, then 8 minutes late, then 40 minutes late, then 55 minutes late... Every time they told us the incoming flight was about to land."

Cons: "Lots of delays, not so friendly flight attendants..."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Gate attendant was rude and prematurely gave my seat away before boarding was closed so My infant and I missed the original flight. Check in attendant was rude, picked up my bag stickers and when we disagreed on a military regulation he set the stickers down and walked away and did not assist me. Boarding was extremely disorganized and not enough room for carry on items. It was an aweful experience and I will not be traveling with united airlines ever again."

Pros: "The wifi entertainment was great."
Cons: "It was really hot in the flight. I complained to the flights attendants about the temperature a couple of time and the nothing was done about it. One flight attendant replied that she felt cold. The gentleman next to me also complained about the temperature and nothing was done."

Pros: "I'm shocked to find united airlines uses such thin seats. You can pay for upgrade but those seats are the normal old seats that weren't comfortable to begin with. Now the seats are even worst."
Cons: "Seating was too compact"

Pros: "Crew was very accommodating for my husbands needs. Gave us blankets when only 1st class got them."
Cons: "No tvs"

Pros: "Getting home"
Cons: "Basically the noisy complaining people on the flight. Not United's fault - just annoying."

Cons: "without notice, plane made significant shift ..about 70 degrees..... Passengers began to scream. after about 5-10 minutes, pilot announces we were 10 miles away from plane in front of us and got caught in its tail wind. I was never so frightened on an airplane as this flight."

Cons: "I was delayed three days. The airline did comp me food vouchers which were useless. They gave me five food vouchers at 10$ per voucher which expired at midnight well it was 10:30 pm when the airline issued them. They comp my two night stay at a hotel which in turn charged my credit card not only with the comp rooms but a various other charges. Then I had to cancel my card and file a claim with my credit card company. The airlines are now nothing but a public bus in the sky. The only thing missing is the panhandlers. Oh also I had no clean cloths or personal items. They made it to my destination on time. So all in all it was a terrible experience with United airlines. It will be a cold day in hell before I choose united airlines to fly me anywhere."

Pros: "assigned seating"
Cons: "Hate the lack of leg room."

Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Entertainment system from the 90s, and it didn't even work. Food terrible and surly cabin crew. Was so excited to fly with Lufthansa and so very disappointed to get United instead."

Pros: "The price...for once, a weekend to SF was reasonable!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Baggage pick up"

Pros: "We drove into the airport and parked. Checked in. Went through security. All in 15 minutes."
Cons: "There was nothing that I did not like."

Cons: "Ana flight attendants are the best!!! Excellent service cheeers"

Pros: "Nothing. Flight was cancelled. Put on standby for the next flight and was too far down the list for that to be useful. Scheduled for a later flight it too was cancelled."
Cons: "The entire experience. I have no intention of flying United again and will not recommend to other travelers."

Pros: "ontime"
Cons: "At least one check-in baggage should be free for the price."

Pros: "The staff was very nice and friendy."
Cons: "There was in-air entertainment; however, you needed the United app or to rent one of their tablets. The problem is that they didn't tell us until we were on board. I needed the app on my tablet to access the WiFi but couldn't get the app without WiFi."

Pros: "Bad legroom, but actually not as bad as on some United flights Free pillows and blankets"
Cons: "Bad legroom, but actually not as bad as on some United flights Very late"

Pros: "The flight was very pleasurable. Smooth takeoff."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My connecting flight was sent without me- I paid for upgraded seats that I never got, they tried giving me a connector that didn't get back to Baltimore until 1030pm after my day started at 3am for a flight at 5:30am... Then finally got a connecting flight into Virginia and had to drive 2 hours to get my car from Baltimore. Never flying United again."

Pros: "Very kind employees, was able to get last minute tickets at a reasonable price, entertainment on the first flight"

Pros: "Great crew. Weather delays, but my check bagged made it even with a tight connection at O'Hare. Nice new plane (EMB 175) with wi-fi and streaming movies and TV."
Cons: "Snacks weren't that great (Zesty Ranch Mix). Some trash in my seat was not cleared out from the previous flight."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from North Bend to Kalamazoo

Airlines flying from North Bend to Kalamazoo have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from North Bend to Kalamazoo

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from North Bend to Kalamazoo

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from North Bend to Kalamazoo

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from North Bend to Kalamazoo

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