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Japan AirlinesOverall score based on 4527 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: I like the spirit of Christmas in some of the staff.
Cons: Board people by section instead of a madsive line.

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Pros: I like the spirit of Christmas in some of the staff.
Cons: Board people by section instead of a madsive line.

Pros: 3 hour flight and had a meal Several drinks and crew was very attentive Also seats were very comfortable and spaced well
Cons: Nothing really other then maybe a better selection of movies but I am not picky Great flight

Pros: The crew was amazing!!
Cons: Nothing! Excellent flight!

Pros: The crew is outstanding. A girl two seats away from me barfed and two attendants were there immediately with a bag, cleaning wipes, etc. They are very friendly and patient with passengers. The next best part was the comfort. I got a good amount of sleep on my nine-hour flight.
Cons: The movie selection and meals were not bad, but I've had better on other airlines.

Pros: Crew members are extremely friendly and the seat has more leg room.
Cons: in flight entertainment can add more movie and TV shows.

Pros: JAL services on the plane is great. Food is much better than other companies. Ice Cream after dinner is great. Flight attendants are polite and nicer than other companies. Interior of the airplane was newer and comfortable.
Cons: N/A

Pros: Perfect in all aspects. Will use them again for all my flights.

Pros: even though middle seat, there was enough leg room to rest comfortably.

Pros: i cancelled my flight and still have not got my money returned
Cons: I dont have my return but you take it right away

Cons: The attendants were very pleasant and efficient. I will certainly prefer to fly JAL, especially if you could offer the lower rates. On the down side, it was very difficult to contact their customer service line. However their online help desk was very responsive.

Pros: Our flight was delayed due to lightning strike on arriving flight, we were transferred to non stop EVA Airline so we can get home and not need a connecting flight in Japan. JAL did all these arrangements without us requesting it. They also were very polite and got our luggage in time to be on the flight with us. JAL is truly a top airline in the world.
Cons: None

Cons: Everything was great!

Pros: Direct flught, food is always delicious, crew is very attentive, and the in-flight TV seats have great entertainment.

Pros: Their customer service is excellent! when I left my card (fell out of my pursue while in transit), they called me immediately! After a long vacation, exploring. I was extremely tired and and left my phone completely on silent for 4 days, and within those 4 days they called and left me messages. Lucky I live here in Hawaii, can you imagine being a tourist and you lost your card? Excellent customer service.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Very friendly crew!

Pros: They give a lot of food and the 12 hour flight was comfortable
Cons: Limited selection for entertainment

Cons: Our flight was delayed for two hours. We have a connecting flight from Osaka to Los Angeles, which we were worried we couldn't make it. They told me the flight will wait for us because there were 20 plus people also need to get on that plane. When the time of boarding we heard they were calling us to the front and explained the flight we were suppose to be connecting already took off. They had to booked us to another airline. We were extremely disappointed! We asked if we could took another Japanese airline but they said our luggages were already transferred to that airline and the tickets were printed! Mosf importantly we have already waited in airport 5 hours and they needed us to wait for another 3 hours! Very bad experience with how they dealing with this situation!

Pros: No wait at JAL business class and immigration were slow, didn't see a separate line for business class if it existed. Access to Korean lounge, was fairly standard. Crew very friendly once on board. Plenty of good food and drink for a relatively short flight.
Cons: IFE in armrests,not in back of seat in front. Limited liquor options onboard (just chivas).

Pros: Flight attendants are all nice, polite and always smile. Good food and good entertainment.
Cons: Waited for one and a half hrs before the plane took off, almost an hr went by then they announced some minor problem with engine. Good reason but they had a/c on so cold all these times. Also I would appreciate coffee or some drink while waiting...I guess that's not possible in this case.

Pros: service was excellent. Seating was OK in spite of it being economy.
Cons: One meal was sufficient in quantity, mediocre in quality. Other meals and snacks were skimpy in frequency and quantity.

Pros: The staff

Pros: Movie choices
Cons: Too small, too hot. Not enough air conditioning. China air was better. Only one meal choice. No choice for vegetarians or allergies. Didn't warn about the rain, stairs were slippery

Pros: Awesome experience, nothing like any other. Will fly again.

Pros: The seats were quite small but other than that it was a nice flight. The crew was very nice.

Pros: I love flying jal
Cons: It's not so much the flight as it was the plane, the 787 seats recline too much for the limited legroom you get so if the person I front of you reclines all the way you will ride with there seat in your knees the whole way

Pros: Excellent service. Flight attendants are consistantly helpful and friendly.

Pros: The food is very delicious. I can choose a lot of great movies. The space is also big to move.

Pros: I feel like I got way more than what I paid for with this airline! The hostesses were super friendly always offering some sort of beverage, the food was tasty (Be careful not to drop noodles on yourself like I did, those bad boys left a little mark). The video selection wasn't huge, but it was definitely adequate with good titles. Maybe I haven't noticed this before in other airlines, but they had new toothbrushes (packaged, not someone's forgotten toothbrush) in the restroom so the poor sap next to me didn't have to smell my stinky breath. Finally, they were quick with boarding! They were very punctual and we took off right when we got on, so nice!
Cons: The seats were pretty adequately sized, however, I felt like I couldn't lay back too far or if the the person in front of me did, it made it really difficult to get the seats. Also, I thought it was my headphones, but it happened on a couple of flights with different headphones, but the audio only comes out of one earphone which was slightly annoying... Other than those things, JAL is super solid and I would recommend it to anyone considering them.

Pros: Airplane is well kept. Snacks are available near the beverage area.

Pros: The flight attendants are quick in services and with great manner. Cabin foods are generous, filled with variety and tasting the best among various international airlines that I have experienced between LAX and Taipei, Taiwan in the past ten years. The seat belt on light and bell were kept at minimal, in contrast to other airlines like EVA, China Airlines, Korean Airlines and United Airlines.
Cons: None

Pros: Flight crew was very professional and courteous. The food was excellent! It was like eating at an awesome Japanese restaurant! There were toothbrush kits w/small tubes of toothpaste in the bathrooms, which was a nice touch. Bathrooms were very clean. Entertainment was very good and had many choices. Would love to fly them again any chance I get! Probably the best flight experience I've ever had.

Pros: A meal on a two hour flight is an amazing perk!

Pros: It was anything very good, my trips on air are great. all flight attendant did good job.i got good slept well on flight JL I will choice Japan Airline next time. Thank you very much

Pros: The flight attendants were very kind and attentive.
Cons: A bit hard to get in and out of my seat 8A. But the seat and bed itself were comfortable.

Pros: The crew member was excellent and his charisma really made up for any shortcomings this little "puddle jumper" had. He even helped my companion out with some advice for relieving his ear pressure.

Pros: Very comfortable, good movie/entertainment choices, great crew

Pros: Staffs areattentive
Cons: Chair space so limited

Pros: Comfortable and spacious for economy class. Very helpful staff.
Cons: If I have to be picky the movie selection didn't seem great.

Pros: Last minute accommodation for Muslim meal was awesome!
Cons: Transit in NRT was too short! Didn't give me time to buy souvenirs..

Pros: Everything was on time. Crew was outstanding.

Pros: Roominess of economy seats.
Cons: Poor movie selection. Heavily skewed to action/terror/suspense. Very few dramas, and none of them current.

Pros: I like the service of the Crew (very courteous, The Movies are new and my first time to view them, and the temperature and smell of the airplane is just right. Keep it up!
Cons: None

Cons: The main entree was not very good.

Pros: Entertainment was excellent
Cons: I'm an entertainer, very well respected in Hawaii, Japan and the world. and has always traveled JAL. I travel with my guitar and has never had a problem carrying it on board. The staff will usually come a get it and put it in the closet if it didn't fit in the overhead. But I guess recently rules change, and was told I would have to check it in because the closet space is used only for staff and business people. Was told that the 737 was to small for my guitar won't fit overhead. I have taken 737's all my life with Aloha Airlines and told them that my guitar would fit. That gentleman was a JERK! and was'nt very helpful, and told me I couldn't take it on board and I would have to take it to the package store and have them box it up. That spoiled my whole vacation.

Cons: Some turbulence awoke us midway through the overnight flight.

Pros: Meals at good times during the flight, complimentary wine served, comfortable seats. Overall better than any other airline for economy class. Enough leg room, good attention, never felt like I was riding a crowded city bus as on typical one distance economy class. Worth paying a little more for being treated like a human
Cons: I did have any negatives on this flight

Pros: It seemed more spacious. Food was pretty good.

Pros: on time

Pros: Courtesy of crew members
Cons: No vegetarian food available

Pros: I liked that the seats were a 2-4-2 configuration. Most American carriers will have a 3-5-3 seating configuration. JAL has won some prestigious seat awards in 2015 for innovation and comfort.
Cons: The JAL website specified most trans-atlantic flights with the newer and more spacious seating in Premium Economy. Departing from San Diego, this was only an option once a year I was told at the check in counter. I was counting on extra width and legroom as I am 270 lbs and 73" tall. I was disappointed that these up-gradable seats were not available. I also did not like that we sat on the Oksaka tarmac at a divert airport from Narita (Tokyo) and were not given an option to leave the plane and find alternate transportation of our choice to get us to our destination. I understand the high winds and bad weather was not allowing us to land on time, but we sat on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours and then left to fly into Narita 5 hours late.

Pros: Comfortable, nice staff
Cons: The entertainment options are a bit sparse on TV and games

Cons: I did not take the flight. The airline changed the scheduled flight. I reached out to JustFly who booked the flight and they said they would rebook a new flight for me but I have yet to receive any notice that my flight was changed.

Pros: Crews were attentive to elders.
Cons: Food is mediocre.

Pros: The crew did a great job making sure everyone was safe and comfortable.
Cons: Be friendlier for pets flying in the cargo hold. Reducing the capacity from 20 to 5 per flight and regularly increasing the fees is not helpful at all.

Pros: Hello kitty everything!

Cons: Have no recommendations...everything was great

Cons: Great


Pros: Boarding process and take off was the most efficient - truly impressive! I don’t think this had anything to do with the airline, but every flight with them was so quiet (no crying babies/children, loud adult conversations), I thought I could hear the pin drop! Their safety demonstration was uniquely done by dancer, which made it interesting to watch every time! I left my jacket on one of my flights, but they returned it to me when I boarded the next flight - I was gratefully surprised! They had complementary tooth brush/toothpaste, ear plugs and eye masks in the restrooms. I thought this was a good way to reduce passing out items not all passengers wanted. I wish all airlines could copy these amazing features from them.
Cons: Their meals were underwhelming- in four flights on my trip, they were basically the same main course. The rolls with margarine, same fruit and strongly cultural seasoned vegetables that were served every time, all of which I could not eat. I have liked every airline meals and hospital food, but their food was below institutional food quality. For an Asian airline, the flight attendants were rather crude in their speech and mannerisms. I could barely hear and understand the announcements in spite the fact that passengers were extremely quiet. Their choices of movies were very poor; it seemed that 3 out of 4 flights had similar options.

Pros: .
Cons: .

Pros: Smooth take off & landing! Great entertainment!
Cons: Food, not enough. Snack is not good.

Pros: The crew was very helpful and amazing. The food was healthy AND delicious. Very interesting selection of movies, music, games. A small pillow and blanket was provided to everyone.
Cons: The first few rows of my section received drinks in the first round, but then the attendant ran out and forgot about the rest of us. I am tall, so the seat was not very comfortable for 13 hours of flight--had neck pain afterwards.

Pros: attentive staff
Cons: they destroyed my suitcase

Pros: The in-flight entertainment options were rather sparse (compared to other airlines I've flown in the past e.g. Singapore Airlines/Qatar/Emirates). However, everything else was pretty good. The bathrooms were maintained throughout the flight and I appreciated the water bottle so I wouldn't have to keep waiting for the little trays of drinks to come around.

Pros: the new 777 aircraft, and friendly and efficient attendants made the flight a pleasant ride.
Cons: the flight was delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft, and then we were delayed on the runway waiting for take off.

Pros: Hello Kitty themes
Cons: Coffee served diluted .

Pros: The crew was helpful we landed at Taipei was on time.
Cons: My flight from Vancouver to Taipei was poor I'm not impressed with the menu the vegetables and chicken was half way cooked. I was sick after I eat the foods. My connecting flights was too long I was at Taipei for more than 18 hours. The company could have been provided a hotel. I was miserable at the airport. The EVA Air has excellent foods and good crew. The Air Canada could have been provided a better sets for families with childrens. I was sitting 39 A next to a window. There was a family a mom and two child was separated from there mom. The mother of two was upset that she was separated with her two little girls. I feel bad with the two little girls that their mom was sitting behind us. So, I decided to move where the mom was so that the mom and two little girls could sit together and the mom was very happy and Blessed.

Cons: It took 1 hour for checking in in CDG 1 terminal. I missed the next light because of the delayed take off. And they change my ticket to Thai airways which is the fastest from Taipei to next destination.

Pros: N/a
Cons: Booked/ paid/ and got refused to fly by Evaair as they and Justfly didn’t process the ticket properly even after received money for a month. And they left all the stress to customer had to book another flight at the airport.

Pros: Crew were very friendly and helpful. The flight attendants seemed to have a genuine interest in the needs and comfort of the passengers.
Cons: For such a long flight, the seats were too small and not enough leg room.

Pros: People were lovely and efficient
Cons: Seats were pretty ordinary

Cons: The crew were not very friendly, they went about their tasks but did not engage with the customers in a friendly manner. It was very much as though they were doing the minimum for the job/flight. For instance, when you board and sit down the first thing they give you is the menu and then the landing card. But I've just sat down I don't need these two extra pieces of paper immediately. I sat on an aisle and must have been knocked 5-6 times by the carts. After I was bumped then I hear the 'excuse us, carts coming through'.

Pros: The food and drink.
Cons: Being asked by a precocious young flight attendant if I was drunk. Demeaning and condescending. Luckily this was not within earshot of other passengers. I don't normally require politeness, but I don't expect rudeness either.

Pros: Was quite nice for a two hour flight. They gave us a free meal again.
Cons: Nothing I didn't like.

Pros: Food is good

Pros: The flight attendants are very attentive and polite. The journey was smooth. Overall great experience!

Pros: same comments as the Toronto to Taipei sector....

Pros: The crew was gracious and didn't bother my sleep to eat.
Cons: The seats were hard and oddly shaped such that my legs and feet felt numb after a while. Not the way I want to spend my time

Pros: I like the option of the food, the service, and the seat was good enough for economy class.
Cons: the entertainment needs to be updated.

Cons: Meal,

Pros: The is nothing I can say I did not like with the Vancouver to Taipei Sector of our flight. I was impressed with the crew, the food, entertainment, seat space, leg room, etc...
Cons: This is my wife & I flying with EVA Air. My wife and I have travelled with many international and domestic airlines for 38 years now since we started travelling. This was is our first experience with EVA Air. I’d recommend EVA Air’s Premium Economy. The seats were wider and leg room was excellent. The amenities were great especially the entertainment part. TV Screen in front of the passenger (installed behind the seat in front) was very clear. it was the same as if watching movie on an iPad. The food was great! Both my wife and I like the dinner and the breakfast served. Also, the price of EVA Air’s Premium Economy is great compared to similar Asian Airlines from Vancouver to Manila. EVA Air was the cheapest when we started shopping for flights from Vancouver-Taipei-Manila.

Pros: Staff was very helpful. They went above and beyond.

Cons: Great

Pros: Very modern airplanes. I love the fact that I'm able to tack the conditions and location of the flight on the screen in front of me, watch movies and all sorts of entertainment. Menu is delicious and staff super professional and well trained. Thanks.

Pros: After having flown numerous airlines to Asian countries over the years, we are extremely happy to have found EVA Airlines. After flying EVA the last 5 round trips we are happy to say they are the #1 airline of choice. Actually, we will fly no other than EVA as they have the cleanest planes and the best of service from the check-in counter, thru the security and flight staff, all are the best and most devoted to assist you in any way needed along your trip. Professionalism and cleanliness matched only by their devotion to be the best
Cons: There is nothing to dislike about the airline or employees

Pros: Staff was extremely attentive and friendly
Cons: No complaints

Cons: I have never sat in such terrible plane seats. First, there are FOUR seats but there are only THREE partitions at the bottom, meaning I had to share leg space and purse space with the stranger next to me. It's awkward enough sitting next to someone I don't know and having to worry about accidentally leaning on him when I fall asleep but having to constantly be in contact with his leg was very uncomfortable. I kind of got over it after awhile but I could tell the kid I was having leg time with was super uncomfortable since he would jerk his leg away every time it touched mine. Sorry to be harsh but I don't know how you're getting 9.0+ scores from the other customers. Yeah your flights are cheap but your seat options suck and the movies weren't good enough to make up for it. D+. You get what you pay for I suppose but your tix weren't that much different from the other more comfortable airlines.

Pros: Food was actually OK and the alcohol selection was good.
Cons: I was in the last row aisle seat 73H. Prior to take off I requested to move to the opposite side 73 A and B because they were empty. I had a passenger on the window side and this particular FA said said OK, but she said to do it after the flight takes off. Later I took my things and this time another FA rudely said I cannot move because the empty seats were required for FA's to rest on this 14 hr flight. Fair enough. But not once did they sit at those empty seats at all. When I had to continually get up to allow my window passenger who frequently uses the toilet. Why lie?

Cons: Hard to find a movie to watch, found only one and watched flight progress for the rest as it was more interesting.

Cons: Space beneath seat in front, where you put a backpack and such, was very, very small - smaller than other airlines

Pros: Attentive crew, clean washrooms, decent chairs, great food, enough entertainment. It was easy to transfer trains in an airport we have never been to.

Pros: Seats are comfortable and the crew was friendly.
Cons: No meal choice.

Cons: It seems that not enough refreshment being served for a flight starting from home port.

Pros: I fly with family from Houston to Manila regularly. It's a long flight but both Eva and Korean Air always have better prices than other air lines, especially American companies. They are just more professional, have better service and are cleaner than American airlines. I will always fly Eva or Korean. I don't know what some of these people are talking about. EVA always offers tea, water, apple and orange juice.

Pros: Nice airplane! Loved the movie selections and the meals. Exceptional service!

Pros: Comfortable Elite Economy Seats. Most of the air stewardess was polite with smiles
Cons: Not all but some lack of big smiles or no smile at all particularly when press button for services. Also, slower response compared to SQ where all air stewardess was prompt with great smiles. Main course was somehow better in quality for example beef chunk rather than thin slices. Overall, very comfortable ride.

Pros: I remember back when i was a kid and my Grandmother took us to Disneyland, back when there was "Service" in the USA. If i can avoid any US carrier, and I will fly with EVA. there is meals on flight, checked bags, carry-on bags, smiles, all without extra fees, charges, and they were least expensive to fly.
Cons: As with all airlines the seats are a little tight and a bit more legroom would be nice, I am a larger man and it was still comfortable even after 18 hours of flight time.

Pros: The Crew was good but I think that they are not allowed to give any drinks, food or water or wine They need to improve their services
Cons: Food and drinks were not good at all and not enough They need to improve that

Cons: We could not get our seats assigned prior to check-in, and therefore had middle seats for a 12 hour flight.

Pros: There was nothing good about this experience. Management at the highest levels made decisions that showed gross inattention to the wellbeing of passengers and crews.
Cons: My wife and I were scheduled to fly out of Taipei on the day a major typhoon made a direct hit on Taiwan. Taipei was shut down, offices and shops were closed, residents were sheltering at home, and other carriers had cancelled essentially all flights during the 10 hours when the storm was projected to be over the island and had posted long delays (of 8 and 10 hours and longer) on their uncancelled flights. Only EVA stubbornly clung to the fiction that our flight and others would actually depart -- and depart on time. EVA's refusal to acknowledge reality -- and timely communicate that reality to its customers -- made planning impossible, stranding passengers at hotels without bookings, preventing contingency planning and forcing many passengers to make needless trips to the airport over treacherous roads made hazardous by heavy flooding, downed trees, blowing debris, high winds and blinding rain. EVA's decisions cost us money, inconvenience, time and anxiety. For the passengers and crews on inbound planes that EVA actually landed or tried to land in Taipei that day, the consequences were worse: head and other injuries from extreme turbulence and hard landings, and then hours on tarmacs unable to deplane because the winds were above the maximum level for the safe deployment of jetways. Getting out the next day with an upgrade to business class doesn't do it for me. I am a United 1K-Star Alliance Gold flyer. I fly a fair amount and I expect, above all else, an uncompromising focus on safety and clear, candid and timely communication. Never again EVA.

Cons: The past two times flying with American out of Dallas my girlfriend and I have been separated on the flight. The first time we were able to be placed with each other but this time the attendant at the counter basically told everyone that because the flight was booked and there were so many people who had the issue that she could not move anyone around to be with their families. That on top of being rude to many of the flyers just makes the DFW experience with American feel like they don’t care about you.

Pros: Na
Cons: Did not make this flight

Cons: Not as crowded as the LAX to PHX

Pros: Overall very good flight!
Cons: Nothing much!

Pros: Gate side crew was amazing in providing repeated delay updates.
Cons: 6:34 flight was delayed until 1:00 am due to not having a pilot. No weather issues just no pilot, poor staffing. Unacceptable.

Cons: The flight was very good. The landing sounded rough with a lot of braking. Crew were really friendly. The food was expensive but fresh sandwich. Plane was beautiful. Lovely flight overall

Cons: AMERICAN IS THE WORST. Never flying with them again. My flight was cancelled, &they would NOT rebook me until 2 days later. REFUSED to compensate for the hotel I booked for the night. Held my baggage hostage & would not return it for a whole day. And their customer service is non-existent.

Cons: Flight was delayed twice, and the flight was very bumpy and the pilot really had a bad landing.

Cons: We had a very rough landing into Fort Lauderdale on 3/29/19. Pretty sure we had a new pilot. It felt like she was going too fast and didn't slow the plane down enough as we were descending d threw on the brakes feeling like the plane wasn't going to stop. Very scary! Return flight was much better.

Pros: Great seats w no annoying entertainment console.
Cons: No complaints.

Cons: The man in the aisle seat was so obese he took room from the middle seat, which caused that person to lean into my seat. I spent three hours leaning to the right against the wall. If the airlines are going to make the seats smaller, they need to make arrangements for people who don’t fit in the seats. Entertainment didn’t work.

Pros: Punctual, connexion gate very close

Pros: Being able to pick your seat ahead of time, comfortable leather seats, snacks, on-board entertainment and free carry on make it worth paying a little extra over the other budget airlines.
Cons: Constant delays. Maybe it has more to do with O'Hare itself than AA.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Having to check our carry ons. We noticed another passenger had placed two carry ons in the overhead. If others are doing that, it forces others to check their carryons.

Pros: Smooth ride, good service.
Cons: N/A

Cons: Additional cost for luggage

Cons: As soon as I boarded I noticed a strong urine smell. It didn’t really go away, or I just got used to it.

Pros: On time and convenient
Cons: Crowded

Pros: The crew was nice
Cons: More than 3 hour delay, entertainment system audio did not function and the flight path was set to Palm Beach instead of Orange County.

Cons: Late , didn't make it on our flight back to Santa Ana

Pros: Nice newer plane, beautiful.
Cons: Though I was in a elite preferred seat (not biz). I had about 6-7 inches from my face to the built in screen in the headrest. Hard not to notice that I couldn’t move an inch without hitting the seat in front of me or passenger next to me.

Pros: Too many commercials on the TV before being able to watch the show.
Cons: The aisles are not wide enough and people continue to hit me with their luggage and hand bags. Always the people waiting block the entrance of the gate when it is time to board.

Pros: On time, crew was helpful and kind, entertainment options were vast.

Pros: The AA flight attendant staff served good food and enough snacks and beverages to make me feel full on my 11 hour flight. The selection of movies and music was very diverse. And tge flight was an overall enjoyable experience.

Pros: Very smooth trip from beginning to end.

Pros: Crew was very nice. Free snacks provided on plane.

Pros: On time and very professional

Cons: The snack had coffee in it.

Pros: There was a TV. Crew was friendly and professional.

Pros: Service was good. Entertainment system was excellent. Flight took almost an extra 45 minutes to arrive and was quite bumpy at the end. Not sure if it could have been avoided.

Pros: I enjoyed the Gps chart showing the flight data from takeoff to landing.

Pros: Rapid boarding. On time performance. Plane was reasonably clean.
Cons: Seats were tight but OK for a 3 hr flight. AA allows first passengers to carry excessive carry-on forcing later boarding passengers to check everything.

Pros: The only thing I liked about my flight from DFW to San Antonio was the fact that I FINALLY got to go home.
Cons: The fact my layover was in Dallas, I couldn't board on time because of our departure from Denver being delayed from ice, and the gate got switched about three times. I've never been in a standby list, but I barely made it. I'll never want to fly through DFW again!!! The American Airlines employees were mostly inconsiderate, with the exception of two staff members. Not sure about this airline again.

Cons: Upon boarding the aircraft, the attendant at the gate told me to check the size of my carryon bag against the test dimensions, which I did. My bag fit but I had to press the side in slightly to make it fit. She said it had to slide in without me pressing on it and proceeded to make me remove items from the bag in order to board the plane. I walked down the ramp with my extra pair of shoes and a book in my hands. As a result, I had to place my bag far from my seat due to the added time. My bag easily fit in the overhead compartment with room to spare and my being made an example was a completely pointless exercise.

Pros: Staff was honest. Pilot and ground representative kept us updated.
Cons: Delay while we waited for a crew from Denver and nobody cleaned the plane while they waited. Instead the crew arrives quite late to find a dirty plane. While the plane was being cleaned our Co-pilot was reassigned. We waited on the plane while they scouted up a different co-pilot. This caused another delay. Staff did the best they could but the organizational incompetence was not lost on the passengers.

Pros: santa ana airport
Cons: charged me $50 when i checked in my suitcase.

Pros: The entertainment selection was wonderful.
Cons: The flight left on time but arrived late by at least 1/2 hour. I am small but the seat was narrow: my neighbors kept on hitting me when they moved. And I think it is terrible to have to pay to reserve almost any seats except for the middle seats.

Pros: Got in an hour early. Booya.

Pros: The crew were excellent and very professional. It was not a full flight and boarding was quick and easy. We landed almost an hour early. When we made the reservation we were told it was an 8 hour and 50 minute flight but we got there in 7 hours and 45 minutes, more than 1 hour early. It would be good to know the real timing so that meetings could be planned in a timely way.
Cons: This is a code share with American Airlines and an American Airlines plane and crew and it is an out of date plane. There were no individual screens only 1 screen hanging down every five or six seats. The seats are very, very narrow. The cleanliness of the tray tables were gooey and full of crusted dirt as were the seat areas in front of the tray tables. I was told that they fly an even older plane from Europe to NY, which is an old one aisle plane. Not sure why AA continues to use such out of date planes but if they use planes from the 1980's it seems to me that they should charge 1980 prices!

Pros: Flight was quiet and uneventful, but late.
Cons: no good glutenfree options. How about a Turkey Sandwich on multigrain gf bread? Or a wrap made with corn tortillas? Toasted almonds instead of only pretzles. Or a coconut macaroon instead of a cookie made with wheat.

Pros: We did get onto another flight that morning in the exit row.
Cons: I didn't receive an email to check into my flight for Alaskian airline/American Airlines, and when I tried to check in online from my confirmed ticket order the website wouldn't let me check in. When searching where to go at dallas ft.worth (DFW) airport to check in for our alaskian airlines flight the website sold us to go to terminal E 18 where they are, but when we arrived we were in fact flying out of a completely different terminal A, not having enough time to check our bags and missing the flight.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Our flight was so late. I actually missed the original time. Ran thought TSA, sprinted to the gate and then... waited for slightly over an eternity. But honestly, the great part of AA is the super small seats, really whi fits in these seads. Thank you. I'm 4-5.

Pros: Seats were new.
Cons: A lot less leg room than Southwest. Very cramped. Boarding crew in PHX was very uptight and stressed. Not sure why as everything seemed in order.

Pros: Polite and professional

Pros: I love the stewartesssssss
Cons: The dudes cause they prolly gay

Pros: As I was sitting there waiting to board the plane I started to have anxiety. Watching how many people lined up to get on the plane made me a little nervous. I even thought about renting a car and driving from Dallas to OC California. I waited until i was almost the last person to board. What a pleasant surprise. I was seated between 2 lovely people who probably could have but didn't hardly talk the entire flight. The conversations we did have were pleasant, and they slept some of the time without snoring. It was a very nice flight home! And I'm thankful I didn't rent a car. Flying is much quicker!
Cons: Same as above answer. Boarding the back of the plane first makes so much more sense! I'm totally sure you all have your reasons for doing it the way you do since you have been doing this thing for years now, I would just do it different.

Pros: The attendants were pleasant.
Cons: Why are you asking about entertainment? There is none. There were a few TV screens scattered about showing something, but no headphones were offered at all, and it appeared the entertainment, which was very hard to see, was NBC TV shows. The quality of air travel has plummetted over the last 10 years.

Pros: The chairs where comfortable and there was a free movie
Cons: The sound for the movie didn't work, the atenders dI'd not do any thing tI make uo for it. There was no complimentary snack. Loading on was a mess, not organized well.

Pros: Comfortable newer plane More overhead cargo room
Cons: Not enough time between groups - people standing around blocked terminal Extremely full flight

Pros: I managed to get on an earlier flight with a standby ticket.
Cons: First, my original flight got delayed to an arrival time that would’ve made me miss the last shuttle to my final destination. My options were either to stay overnight in Vancouver or hire a taxi. Both options would’ve cost me at least $300. Thankfully I had a longer layover in Toronto that gave me some buffer. Otherwise, it would’ve been an additional expense.

Pros: Price
Cons: Connection time in Vancouver is horrible and international transfer process is awful Especially with small children

Pros: Air Canada is consistently a great overall experience.
Cons: The food is terrible. It's the worst of any airline I've ever taken.

Pros: I was only a few minutes late and was not allowed to check in my bag or to board the flight.
Cons: They could have let me board!!

Pros: I liked that they served three meals - one hot lunch, one sandwich, and one breakfast. Also that they frequently came through with water refills. Very good entertainment system, although it was off for rebooting for about the first 30 minutes in the air. French red wine blend was excellent. They seem to always have French wines.
Cons: Attendants restocked the bathrooms, but didn't seem to clean them much (sticky floors - yuk). Wish they had some English newspapers on board to read. The food was only fair.

Cons: No more seats, rescheduled for the next day. poor service

Pros: Pro-free wine!
Cons: Can-food not the best...

Cons: The food. Skip the cup of noodles.

Pros: The staff were very friendly and courteous. It was comfortable for a 12 hour journey in a plane. What a difference from their regional staff and service.
Cons: The food was of course something to be desired.

Cons: By the time the food cart got to the rear of the plane their was none of the good entrees left for my family including my to young boys who had already licked out what they wanted, but got nothing they liked.

Cons: They could not get my luggage through to the next flight to Chicago. I could not board because of that reason, and I had to fly to Denver then fly back Chicago.

Pros: The AC in-flight staff are always very nice. It was a pleasant flight

Pros: The plane was quite new, and that's pretty much it.
Cons: The food is unsuitable for human consumption and so as some of the crew were unsuitable for the position.

Pros: On-line check-in was available.The process in Taipei to board the flight was good.

Cons: The attendant’s name is Karen. She first caught my attention was the way she talked to the passengers. She was like a parent or a teacher telling her kids to share but not solving their problem over the head bin. Then before we were landing, the passenger next to me asked for her help to put her bag into the head bin because she’s not tall enough. Karen said she’s doing security check and never came back. I managed to help my neighbor passenger before landing and was very impressed to this flight attendant.

Pros: Not bad entertainment, but too many ads...
Cons: Poor customer service, rude staff, entertainment system chock full of ads, drove me mental. Food less than good,

Pros: Price.
Cons: smaller aircraft with very limited overhead bag storage. Constantly have to announce volunteers for bag check in. Happen both ways. Atl to Toronto and Toronto to Atl.

Pros: from LA to Toronto, between the seats was roomy
Cons: to LA, between the seats was very narrow

Pros: Cadence of service. Amazing plane.
Cons: No free drinks

Pros: Quick flight. Great fare pice.
Cons: No complaints.

Cons: I ordered vegetarian food, but not shown on list .

Pros: The fly attendants were very nice. The plane is old. The overhead storage is so small that it was hard to fit in carry on luggage's.

Pros: Food OK.
Cons: Gift bags do not include neck support

Pros: Crew are very nice and approachable. No complain about their service. And flight is on time.

Pros: 2 of the 3 flight attendants were pleasant. The third, male, I didn't find very helpful, especially when storing my carry on in the overhead compartment.
Cons: The male flight attendant's customer service skills could use some work. When I booked this flight on Kayak, one price was listed but when paying there was an additional cost for the seat and I wasn't given the option of paying for a less expensive seat.

Pros: Everything went smoothly & everyone was helpful
Cons: Nothing every thing went well

Pros: My group of five arrived to the airport late (one hour before the flight took off), but the crew worked together to quickly process all of us and get us through to ensure that we didn't miss our flight. We really appreciated it!

Cons: Crew was rude to me.

Pros: Overall service & friendliness

Pros: Wireless was free and we were able to log on to the entertainment website to watch movies.
Cons: Each chair didn't have a tv. There weren't any plugs to keep electronics charged up.

Pros: We flew premium economy, and it was so much better than regular economy. Seating just two across made my wife's and my journey much easier. The crew was attentive when they needed to be, and the food was quite good. I managed to sleep several hours, which is about as good as it gets on a long haul flight.
Cons: I was surprised at the selections available for movies and TV; not much that was appealing. Took a Singapore air flight a few days later and felt like the selections were better. But we brought an iPad and had downloaded House of Cards, so we were OK. Besides, I got to sleep.

Pros: Overall air cabin crew service was great. Food was average. Seat was comfortable. Entertainment was great!
Cons: My elbow keeps pressing on the light button on the remote on the right arm rest which was slightly irritating. But nothing major

Pros: Crew was excellent.
Cons: our original flight was canceled and they moved some of us (including me) to the next flight but many of those who were on my flight were not moved. So they were desperately trying to get on. Which made me feel as tho I got on by sheer luck. I hate how expensive the food is. I miss the wide selection of movies the international flight had.

Cons: Hour late departure. Old people travel to Sarasota, AC should consider that in boarding.

Cons: This is not an Air Canada flight, is a Rouge flight, meaning there is no service, no screens, not even blankets on board. I didn't know that until after confirming my reservation, and it makes all the difference. For a low cost flight, the service is ok, but it shouldn't be advertised as Air Canada at all.

Pros: Flight was ok, the aircraft was in excellent condition. The food was also very good.
Cons: The flight information stated that the flight was a Lufthansa flight when it was actually an Air Canada flight. That caused some confusion and possible delays at the Madrid airport.

Pros: This was a full sized AB 330-300 which was full. With two aisles - everyone is no more than 1 from an aisle. The desk staff and crew were excellent.
Cons: They delayed push back for 40 passengers that missed their connection. We left 20 minutes late and arrived only 7 minutes late.

Pros: Everything was ok.

Pros: more comfortable than the small plane that we went east on. no stops
Cons: late taking off no food

Pros: it took off and landed
Cons: multiple incorrect a/c notices by email containing incorrect information. Started with the confirmation of the original flight booking. It had the origin and destination mixed up but had the correct cities. That's impossible with the corresponding flight #'s. Called AC, they said; oh well. Then multiple notices in email of changes to times of depart/arrival/gates. Showing these email changes to A/ C Gate Staff, they said each of those 8 notices for departures or return flights was wrong info and they concluded; "oh well". They don't care, and they weren't interested in reporting the errors to IT people.

Pros: Only enjoyed entertainment
Cons: Quality & type of food Boarding sprocess Lack of carry on space Unprofessional crew Old plain- didn't realize still in operation Small seats Little to no leg room Fact you actually had to pay for rental of iPads Terrible entertainment system

Pros: Seat width was good. Crew was very pleasant.
Cons: Canada Air website was malfunctioning, could not check-in, pay for luggage etc. the night before. Said I had an horrible seat when I paid for preferred. 45 minutes on hold only to be told my seat was indeed preferred. Computer problems with the website, she said. Got to check in counter the recommended 3 hours early, no one there till 6 am. Then the check-in desk's computers were all malfunctioning. another 20 minute wait. Plane was small and very old. Didn't know those planes were still in the air. Not good in general for flying. the windows leaked condensation, the computer controlling the flushing of the toilets failed 45 minutes out from our destination. They did get it working just before we landed. The plane had some problem before takeoff and left late, landed late. I WILL NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE AGAIN. Kayak, you need to end your partnership with them.

Cons: I was BUMPED not just on the flight I had booked and payed for a month in advance But I was at the airport 2 hours before my scheduled departure. I had to wait for available seat on the 3rd!!! flight out after mine.

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: This was an overnight flight and we had our seats changed to the back row without being told. The seats would not recline and when the seats in front of us reclined for the entire flight, the screen and chair were about a foot from our faces. This was hands down the worst flight I have ever had. The flight crew Wulf not move us as the flight was full, and despite there being more than half of the first class seats available, they would not let us sit there. I will likely not fly air canada again given this experience.

Pros: Comfortable flight and attentive crew.
Cons: Other than delays and gate changes, flight was fine.

Pros: Smiley and kind crew. Smooth take off and landing in both ways. Clean and organized craft. Being on time. Could not be better. Thank you Air Canada
Cons: I am disappointed that all air lines cut the meals

Cons: The plane was on the edge of departure when I rushed aboard. The server waiting at boarding had a patronizing attitude. As if to say, "Why are you late?"

Pros: Nice to be on a larger plane

Pros: The direct connection between Toronto and Madrid, since we travel at least once a year or more to Spain The staff on ground and on board were simply excellent, communicated well in Spanish, French and English The food and drinks (wine) were excellent and plentiful.
Cons: The coffee could be a bit stronger (Spanish style)

Cons: The vegetarian meal was awful

Pros: Used miles to upgrade to Premium Plus. Excellent seat and food!

Pros: Everything was great
Cons: Roomier seats

Pros: Good job

Pros: The UI to watch videos on the plane is really good. They have good quality screens, so I watched movies for all the 12 hours of lfight I had.

Cons: The seats are too narrow

Pros: Worst experience I’ve ever had traveling and I travel a lot. United needs some better works and to compensate for my 14 hours of sitting in the airport for no reason.
Cons: Everything that happened was completely shitty....

Cons: 0 space felt like two people were sitting on top of me the entire flight. Seats are so small. No room to even put my arms at my side. I'm 5'9 and my knees were scraping the seat in front of me. Uncomfortable the entire flight. only nice part of the flight was the captain and crew.

Cons: Food was horrible. Then for 2 of the 3 meals they missed even serving some rows entrees.

Cons: Asked which sandwich was most popular, burger or chicken, and flight attendant told me she was a vegetarian. Diet Coke had one small ice cube.

Pros: Outstanding that United Airlines finally has allowed for complimentary use of built-in entertainment system; i.e. Direct TV without charging passengers. That is good business sense - congratulations on a good PR decision. Haven't complimented UA in long time, but this is about time to say "thanks!"

Cons: Food

Cons: Cold, not enough space for carry on

Pros: The crew was helpful
Cons: United Arlines has a lot of room to improve. It’s clearly just in it to make money and doesn’t care about the individual customer

Pros: Service, space, and staff of course!
Cons: Entertainment is boring and tired, United use to offer better free shows and movies!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Pilot need to improve on communication skill, use better judgement when storm or other situations arise don't boarded the plane and let customers. Wait for 2hrs then turn back to the gate, I don't know what are the protocol, but letting cust. waiting in the plane on the tarmac for 2hrs that's unacceptable. Thank you

Pros: I had window seat

Pros: Good

Pros: Seat

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They cut one hour and took off when I made chek in they gave another ticket I was supposed to arrive 6 pm in my destination I arrived 11 pm and they were very very rude when I tried to complain about it! United no more!!!

Cons: Couldn't make

Pros: The crew was professional.
Cons: What entertainment system? This was terrible. While so many airplanes have personal screens and entertainment systems, this flight was a find your own connection and good luck. Not very helpful and on a VERY late flight (due to weather).

Pros: The crew was very pleasant, food was average.
Cons: The flight being cancelled. Wifi doesn't even come close to working. No personal entertainment. Communication was poor for the rescheduling of flight that led me to miss the next flight

Pros: Quick, smooth

Cons: I was forced to check in my carry-on bag (and pay). My flight was delayed and therefore I missed my connecting flight. I was unable to change seats, and the United staff were I accommodating to assist with the "Basic Economy" fare.

Pros: Eventually got home safe and sound.
Cons: Delayed after boarding because of a technical issue and then after waiting over an hour we had to deplane and board another plane in a different terminal. That was a bummer

Pros: Makes such a difference with the crew is smiling and friendly. What a nice change from the overall attitude you normally get flying united.
Cons: Entertainment system

Pros: Superb crew With lights dimmed steward found me and brought me a drink Just a mention about how I would like one during routine service I felt got special service but they probably do that for everyone Very nice Felt crew went out of their way to make sure all nerds taken care of!
Cons: Baggage claim in different terminal than where we landed No signage

Cons: Too many seats too close together. The entire trip was too hot and stuffy. The flight attendants showed minimal care about the uncomfortable hot and stuffy environment.

Pros: perfect
Cons: thank you

Pros: The entertainment worked for like most of the time (surprisingly) and I got an extra seat next to me.
Cons: What can you expect from united... the crew members were terrible absolutely unprofessional and unwilling to help. We were delayed for 3 hours in Taipei due to an issue with the plane that they were trying to fix. During this time many people were trying to change flights as they had connections in SFO. When they asked the hostesses for help, they either got rude unhelpful responses or got completely ignored. United really needs to train their flight attendants better.

Pros: Flight was shorter than expected
Cons: Bathrooms were dirty and sound wasn't working for first in flight movie

Cons: The flight was delayed, I missed my connection, the flight attendant did not care one bit, she was a bit rude, the food was horrible.

Pros: Once we got on it went well, so I won't complain! It was a pleasant flight.
Cons: Well my boarding group (5) was the last to board, we were informed after they shut the door and boarded all other groups that it was overbooked and that 14 people couldn't take this flight. We had 2 in our party that had made the plane (grp4, child n wife). After about a half hr of confusion and a handful of volunteers to take alternate flights, I boarded along with a friend who was traveling with me, they then shut the door behind us telling the rest they couldn't board

Pros: On time, new plane.

Pros: The flight attendant was very friendly
Cons: Since I could not check in the day before I was not able to change my seat. The gate agent was not helpful

Cons: Sat on the plane for over an hour at the gate. Then it took another 30 minutes to taxi and take off. No food, drinks or restroom b

Cons: Other than the flight being delayed it was a good flight

Cons: Boarding was a little rough. I use a walker and I had to board last. It was difficult for me to get to my seat.

Pros: On Time!

Cons: Gate attendant had a snide attitude and made a joke about the possibility that a Samsung 7 could cause an explosion in flight over the intercom. Very unprofessional.

Pros: It was nice and smooth and I had an empty seat in between, it doesn't make 5 stars because I was in coach.

Pros: Flight was on time and early to destination
Cons: Stuck in 32D, seat didn't recline, bathroom was my headrest, tv screen wouldn't turn off, no legroom at all.. Just a miserable flight.

Cons: My flight was late causing me to miss my connecting flight. Having to spent the night here at the airport. I'm still here waiting. I was rebooked on a 11:55am flight for this morning 7/19/16. Very disappointed.

Pros: The plane being on time. Next time would prefer to be able to choose seats. I like the window
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The cabins was remarkably clean and the pilot on the second leg was very entertaining, pointing out landmarks.
Cons: The video selection on the second leg.

Pros: The crew was excellent, mindful, courteous at all times. The food was warm, well-cooked, fresh with a variety to please most eaters.
Cons: The seats were a bit worn and mildly uncomfortable, but otherwise the flight was incredibly enjoyable.

Pros: I traveled with a 2yr. Old and boarding first really helps to get settled in our seats.

Pros: Took off early!
Cons: One stuartist was very frank and unwelcoming.

Pros: Boarding was easy, crew were friendly and a smooth sailing flight.

Pros: did not enjoy my flight whatsoever.
Cons: they had to change me and about 10 other peoples flights because of the delays from "cloud cover" (what the hell?? terrible excuse) then the attendant LIED to me about where my bag would go. i missed my flight because of this, had to get re routed to san diego over 2 hours from my house, and my bag was sent to john wayne so i had to drive ANOTHER hour ans a half in traffic out of my way all because that illiterate moron of a flight attendant didn't know how to communicate with her coworkers about where our bags would be or how we could get them. absolutely never flying united again. horrible. what an awful day. they DO NOT deserve my hard-earned money, and the people deserve to know how truly crappy their service is.

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