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FAQs for Booking White Plains Westchester County to Montevideo Carrasco Flights

How long does a flight from White Plains Westchester County to Montevideo Carrasco take?
An average nonstop flight takes 16h 42m, covering a distance of 5363 miles.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from White Plains Westchester County to Montevideo Carrasco?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest round-trip tickets were found on American Airlines ($1979)
Do I need a passport to fly between White Plains Westchester County and Montevideo Carrasco?

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White Plains
Fri, Feb 9
16h 42m
Sat, Feb 17
16h 14m
Trip: 9 days
7.2GoodShow reviews
Overall 7.2 Good
Based on 27267 reviews
Excellent 10.0

Travel time

No snacks on flight. The charging stations come in between legs space and very uncomfortable they got to be re adjusted. Make sure these are taken care in upcoming flights.

Mediocre 2.0

The baggage customer service said the crew will wait for us, but they never did. THANKS for NOTHING!

Okay 4.3

Not much.

The flight was late due to maintenance and caused us to miss our connecting flight to Chicago. American Airlines customer assistance at the airport was absolutely terrible. They were rude and inconsiderate as they kept suggesting to fly standby. We shouldn't have to fly standby when it wasn't our fault why were late. They told us our bags would be ok going to Chicago and they we would make the flight, but we did not. I do not know why didn't wait for us considering there were 8 others that also missed the connecting flight. We had to fly to Denver and stay overnight with no luggage and catch a 7:00am flight to Chicago. The last surprise I received was my damaged bag when I got back to Chicago. Thank you for making this trip memorable in a terrible way. I will never book or recommend Kayak or use American Airlines again.

Excellent 8.6

Smooth boarding, the crew was really nice (and it didn't hurt that they were generous with the wine).

Good 7.0

Entertainment, crew

Several flights were delayed and canceled on last minute.

White Plains Westchester County to Montevideo Carrasco Flight Information

Flights Arrive in Montevideo Carrasco
Flights Depart from White Plains Westchester County
Flight Price $1979
Distance 5363 miles
Airlines American Airlines
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