Do you own or manage a hotel or another accommodation type that you would like to appear in our search results? Several options are available. Please read below.

Create a Listing for Your Hotel

This is the easiest and fastest way to get your hotel listed on KAYAK: it only takes a few minutes to create a listing.

Give us as much information as possible to help customers make their choice, including a description of the property, amenities, contact info, photos and website.

You can edit information about your hotel at any time.

Creating and editing listings for one or more hotels is free.

Please note that simply creating a listing won’t show prices and availability in real time on KAYAK’s search results.

Show Your Hotel with Price and Availability

If you want to show prices and availabilities in real time and allow users to book online, your hotel will need to be connected to KAYAK via a technological interface. There are many companies on the market (often called “booking engines”) providing the services necessary to connect your hotel to websites and search engines like KAYAK.

KAYAK cannot recommend any of these service providers in particular, but you will find below a short list of names to help you with your search:

You can also contact any OTA we work with to be listed with them, and your hotel will show up in KAYAK search results.

Note: If you wish to delete pictures provided by one of our partners, or if you have any problems or suggestions along the way, kindly let us know.