Talk to KAYAK on Your Phone with the Google Assistant


Ready for a whole new level of travel planning? Talk, tap and type your way to your next trip: you can now access KAYAK with the Google Assistant app (yay!) on both your Android phones and iPhones (#teamwork).

Earlier this year, we launched KAYAK with the Assistant on Google Home. Always thinking ahead. But just yesterday at Google I/O, the big G made it widely known that third parties (that’s us) would be able to integrate with the Google Assistant on phones, too.

We love being first in line on all things A.I. and travel, so we got cracking. And you can check it out, now.

So why does this matter? To talk to KAYAK with the Assitant on Google Home, you had to be… well, at home. Now, you can talk to KAYAK while you’re on the go and search for flights, hotels, cars, track a flight and access our Explore tool (see all the places you can go within your budget).

Say you’re at a restaurant with friends and you decide you want to plan a trip. Ask your Google Assistant to talk to KAYAK about flight prices to Bali. Decide that maybe Bali is too far and ask for flight prices to Vegas instead. High five when you see the average flight cost. Ask how much it costs for a hotel in Vegas. Swipe through your options. Spot a deal at that hotel with a roller coaster on the Strip. Yeah, that one. Cheers to trip planning.

Another day, another step forward in A.I. innovation. We are excited to be among the first actions (and the only third-party travel search engine) available on the Google Assistant for mobile.

Here’s how to try it:

  • Get the Google Assistant from the App store (Android users, skip this step)
  • Say “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK” or “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK to find a flight”
  • “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK. When will the flight from ___ arrive?”
  • “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK.” (KAYAK responds) “Where can I go for $600.”
  • For more ideas: click here
Having trouble accessing the Google Assistant? No worries, it’s currently being rolled out via a software update on a mobile device near you.



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