Road to Super Bowl XLVII: If You Book It, Will They Come?

By Andrea Charriez

The second round of the NFL playoffs is fast approaching, and Super Bowl predictions are running rampant. What are KAYAK users saying about this year’s match up in New Orleans? We turned to our data set of over 1 billion queries to answer the question.

For each of the contenders in this weekend’s divisional playoff games, we examined flight search activity from team home regions to New Orleans, LA for Super Bowl weekend. We compared searches during the regular and post season to average daily searches during the offseason. The queries present a very fascinating picture.

Of this weekend’s 8 contenders, the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots appear to have the most confident fans. After key wins during the regular season, Broncos and Patriots fans jumped to find Super Bowl flight tickets to New Orleans. That jump was around 6,000% over normal offseason numbers. Post season outcomes also have generated plenty of fervor – Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers fans contributed to 4,645% and 2,855% respective search increases after their teams’ wild card playoff wins.

They say true fans always root for their team, but will the truest fans preemptively book flights to the Super Bowl for their team? Based on these charts, who do you think will make it to the Super Bowl? Stay tuned as we will continue to update these charts.





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