Road to Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens Fans Go Long

By Andrea Charriez

Another round of the NFL playoffs, another set of KAYAK search data.  We updated last week’s analysis for this Sunday’s conference championships, and according to the numbers, Ravens fever has taken hold.  After last Saturday’s second overtime win against Denver, Baltimore fans flocked to KAYAK to search for Super Bowl flights to New Orleans.  Daily searches jumped 15,836% over offseason numbers and have remained elevated over the past few days.  Will this hopeful thinking be enough to clinch an AFC win?  As we previously observed, Patriots fans have shown steadfast support for their team throughout the regular and post season.  However, although Super Bowl flight searches from New England spiked 14,936% immediately after the Patriots’ victory over the Texans, similar levels were not sustained in the following days.

On the NFC side, in prevailing over the Packers last Saturday, the 49ers delivered heaps of confidence to their fans.  Super Bowl flight searches from the Bay Area at first jumped 16,100% before slightly coming down.  Atlanta Falcons fans by comparison are not as confident and contributed to a 3,902% search increase.

Will you be joining these fans in New Orleans for the final match up?



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