Road to Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos vs Seahawks

By Andrea Charriez

Super Bowl XLVIII is around the corner, and we wonder if KAYAK search patterns will once again predict results. Can a strong fan following prompt favorable game day outcomes?

Over the past eight weeks, Seahawks fans have led the charge in searches for flights to NY/NJ over Super Bowl weekend, with a 965% average year-over-year increase in the post-season. They preemptively planned trips, and their team made it!
Broncos fans entered the playoffs hesitantly relative to Seahawks fans (236% avg increase in the first round), but have most recently surpassed Seahawks fans in search activity increases following the Conference Championship games (1781% avg). Interestingly, ticket prices to NY/NJ over Super Bowl weekend have also spiked the most for flights departing from the Colorado region, increasing 70% on average relative to last year.
Could it be that Seahawks fans simply booked their travel earlier, or are Broncos fans emerging more supportive and excited for the game? Based on overall fan fervor from Week 12 onwards, KAYAK users are favoring a Seahawks victory. Who do you think will win?
If you’ll be in attendance at Super Bowl XLVIII, follow these KAYAK tips. To avoid crazy mark-ups, look for lodging in Hoboken or Jersey City. Average hotel rates found in these cities increased the least relative to Super Bowl weekend last year. As for flights, KAYAK users have found cheapest average airfares flying from Washington into Newark and from Colorado into La Guardia.



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