Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens Fervor Soars

By Andrea Charriez

There are only a few days to go before the Super Bowl showdown and we’ve seen flight searches from Baltimore and San Francisco to New Orleans swell since the teams’ Divisional Championship wins. Our last analysis indicated that Ravens and 49ers fans were the most devoted to seeing their teams in New Orleans, and based on this weekend’s match-up, we see that when it comes to the Super Bowl, zeal plays handsomely. To Baltimore and San Francisco, congratulations – you booked it, and your team came.

Based on the latest set of data, Ravens fans have developed exceptional levels of enthusiasm in these last weeks of the post season. Although 49ers fans continue to radiate confidence, their post NFC Championship search increase over offseason peaked at 110,526%. By comparison, flight searches from Baltimore to New Orleans climbed a record 236,540% over offseason numbers following the AFC Championship and have remained elevated.

Baltimore Ravens frenzy was certainly bolstered by the victory over the Patriots. Do you think this is enough to secure a Super Bowl win? It’s not too late to book your trip to New Orleans to see for yourself.