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| Good - 58 reviews
Airport shuttle
The Super 8 Orange City, Iowa is located off of Hwy 10. The Super 8 is located between Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Super 8 Orange City, Iowa is home to Northwestern College and the May Tulip Festival. Other attractions include Orange City Century Home, Sioux County Heritage Center Museum, Sioux County Courthouse, and The Old Mill...
Overall Rating - Good - 58 reviews
Excellent 9.0
Apr 18 2014 Posted by Mark

The rooms were much nicer than I expected. TV was huge!

The smells in the lobby were probably coming from the managers part. Very strong Curry smell. Not pleasant.

It was great considering it is the only hotel in town.
Mediocre 4.0
Feb 22 2014 Posted by Nathan

the location and tv size

The close the lobby at 11 and lock it with a gate and then also the side doors to the building are unlocked all day long, even at night. Breakfast was lack luster.

The desk isn't maned all day long. They provide a phone to call if you need assistance
Super 8 Orange City
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