10 reasons why you may actually be a “cruise person”


How many times have you heard “I’m not a cruise person?” Maybe you even think that about yourself. But back up that truck because there’s a lot more to cruising than you might think. And with KAYAK’s cruise search giving you all of your options, it may just be time to reconsider. Easily search by destination, cruise line and port of departure. Or just pick the month you want to cruise and see all of the possibilities in one place. 

Read on for 10 reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next vacation. Did we have you at cruise? Start your search.

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  1. Vacation for a steal.

    With proper planning, you can find a great cruise deal for a few hundred dollars and visit cities you may not have ventured to otherwise. 

  2. Wear your bathrobe all day. Shamelessly.

    Where else is it socially acceptable to wear a bathrobe in public, while piling your dish full of macaroni and cheese?  Coziness for days.

  3. Travel the world without leaving your bed.

    We mean, really. You go to bed, you’re in Italy. You wake up, you’re in Greece. Whether you set sail on the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean, only a cruise lets you go to bed in one land and wake up in another.

  4. It’s more than just the Caribbean.

    Consider a European River Cruise on the Rhine or an adventure cruise in Alaska. You can take a New England cruise and soak in some history for the weekend or a 2-week South American cruise and learn about new cultures. Wherever you want to travel, use our filters to search by region and duration to find the cruise right for you.

  5. Get outside (and off the boat).

    There’s this misconception that a cruise means you’re trapped on a boat all day. Well, considering the boat can come with waterslides, rock climbing walls, zip lines and wave pools… we really don’t see the problem. Plus, there are tons of awesome excursions you can book — like surf lessons and city tours — for your docked days.

  6. Learn new tricks.

    Many cruises offer classes on board for things like cooking, filmmaking and ice carving. Go get some knowledge.

  7. Put your vacation on autopilot.

    Honestly, when else in your life is absolutely everything taken care of for you? No wondering where you should eat that night or how you’re going to get around the city the next day. From booking activities to refilling your drinks, everything is taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy it.

  8. Get the steak WITH the lobster.

    One thing people tend to forget about cruises is that the Food. Is. Really. Good. Professional chefs craft your dinner every night, while you dress up, sit down and enjoy with drink in hand. Not into formal dining? A constant stream of freshly made dishes can be found 24/7 on deck and enjoyed in just your swimsuit.

  9. Dance the Macarena with 3,000 of your closest friends.

    You look ridiculous and that’s the whole point. And while, yes, there’s plenty of the Electric Slide to go around, most instructors are trained professionals. So you can learn to salsa, foxtrot or even Charleston your way through the week.

  10. There’s a cruise for everyone.

    Not into tanning all day? A Scandinavian cruise could be your speed. Want to travel the world? There are 30+ day cruises that take you around the globe. Only have a weekend to spare? Filter your search for ports closer to home and choose a 1- or 2-night option.

Whether you’re drawn to the 24-hour ice cream stand or the adventure of covering 3,000 miles of ocean in a matter of days, there’s a cruise for you. Plan your next (or first) cruise on KAYAK.