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The Ruin Bars of Budapest … and 5 Other Historical Hot Spots

9 Educational Travel Adventures Around the World

Where Are Canadians Headed This Summer?

Travel Tips to the Summer’s Hottest Events

Simplifying the Over-Complicated World of Airfare






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Von Andrea  Charriez




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Fly Anywhere with KAYAK Explore

What’s a Hacker Fare?

Talk to KAYAK on Your Phone with the Google Assistant

Make Room for a Tent in Your Suitcase

Share Your Travels with KAYAK

The Ruin Bars of Budapest … and 5 Other Historical Hot Spots

9 Educational Travel Adventures Around the World

Where Are Canadians Headed This Summer?

Travel Tips to the Summer’s Hottest Events

Simplifying the Over-Complicated World of Airfare


Itching to travel, but don’t have a destination in mind? KAYAK Explore will show you everywhere you can fly to on your budget. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to anywhere or have a weekend where you just want to get away, Explore is your travel tool.

How to use Explore

Simply plug in your home airport and choose your dates (you can keep it broad — Anytime, Fall, March — or narrow it down by selecting Exact Dates). Adjust the budget bar and watch as the map transforms into your very own personalized travel recommendations. You can also adjust the flight duration and select nonstop-only routes. Further narrow your options by using our curated lists. Grouped by activity or interest, you can see if there’s a great destination just waiting for you that’s within your budget.

Whether you have $300 or $3,000 to spend on a flight, let Explore show you the possibilities.

Try KAYAK Explore.

**Fares shown are for reference purposes, only, and do not indicate current prices or availability.

Wondering what a Hacker Fare is on KAYAK?

Instead of making you book one round-trip ticket from a single airline, KAYAK plays airfare matchmaker by finding two one-way tickets that together make a round-trip flight. Sometimes that means you might take a different airline home than the one you took to your destination. Other times, it’s the same airline, but they have you in the system as two one-ways. That’s the beauty of Hacker Fares.

Either way, you’ll get there and back while usually paying less than you would if it were a regular round-trip flight.

Why does KAYAK do this? We think you should have options when it comes to travel, even if that means breaking the mold a bit.

How do you book a Hacker Fare on KAYAK?

After searching for a flight, you’ll see “Hacker Fare” clearly identified under the price. Simply select the “View Deal” button to start the process. Just be sure that prices for both tickets are available before booking. To do this, simply open each booking page in a new tab and double-check the price and availability. Book and you’re good to go. You can even forward your bookings to and we’ll start building an itinerary for you in KAYAK Trips.

Now introducing Hacker Stays.

Because we realized how much money travelers were saving with Hacker Fares, we decided to try it on hotels too. Now, you can find “Hacker Stays” on select hotel options. Basically, this is when we find two great deals from separate providers for the exact same hotel during the dates of your stay. For example, if has a special rate on the days 1-2 of your stay, but has an even cheaper rate for days 3-4, we’ll combine them. Then, you book with both sites and receive separate confirmations, even though it all adds up to one stay.

The only caveat is that booking this way may require a room change during your trip. To help avoid having to switch rooms on vacation, you can always let the front desk know at check-in that you’ve booked two consecutive stays. (They can usually work things out for you.)

Try searching for a Hacker Fare.


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Ready for a whole new level of travel planning? Talk, tap and type your way to your next trip: you can now access KAYAK with the Google Assistant app (yay!) on both your Android phones and iPhones (#teamwork).

Earlier this year, we launched KAYAK with the Assistant on Google Home. Always thinking ahead. But just yesterday at Google I/O, the big G made it widely known that third parties (that’s us) would be able to integrate with the Google Assistant on phones, too.

We love being first in line on all things A.I. and travel, so we got cracking. And you can check it out, now.

So why does this matter? To talk to KAYAK with the Assitant on Google Home, you had to be… well, at home. Now, you can talk to KAYAK while you’re on the go and search for flights, hotels, cars, track a flight and access our Explore tool (see all the places you can go within your budget).

Say you’re at a restaurant with friends and you decide you want to plan a trip. Ask your Google Assistant to talk to KAYAK about flight prices to Bali. Decide that maybe Bali is too far and ask for flight prices to Vegas instead. High five when you see the average flight cost. Ask how much it costs for a hotel in Vegas. Swipe through your options. Spot a deal at that hotel with a roller coaster on the Strip. Yeah, that one. Cheers to trip planning.

Another day, another step forward in A.I. innovation. We are excited to be among the first actions (and the only third-party travel search engine) available on the Google Assistant for mobile.

Here’s how to try it:

  • Get the Google Assistant from the App store (Android users, skip this step)
  • Say “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK” or “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK to find a flight”
  • “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK. When will the flight from ___ arrive?”
  • “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK.” (KAYAK responds) “Where can I go for $600.”
  • For more ideas: click here
Having trouble accessing the Google Assistant? No worries, it’s currently being rolled out via a software update on a mobile device near you.



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If the thought of parking your fanny on the sand and sitting in the same spot all day long sends shivers of boredom down your spine, an adventure vacation may be more your speed. Whether you fly to Grand Tortugas National Park and spend your days kayaking between islands or jet to Denver and hike the Colorado Trail until your feet are blistered, one thing is for certain: You’ll be sleeping at a campsite, like any other self-respecting adrenaline junkie.

And therein lies the challenge – when you’re flying to your destination, how do you pack a tent and camping gear in your suitcase?

Even if your suitcase is absurdly large, you’re still going to need to be strategic when it comes to packing for camping in a far away locale. Here’s how to pack like a pro on your next adventure vacation:

Travel light: literally

When you’re boarding a plane before reaching your campsite, there’s obviously no room for those nice-to-have extras you regularly tote along on local trips (we hate to break it to you, but your stainless steel quesadilla grilling basket is not an essential piece of camping equipment).

In addition to foregoing unnecessary and absurd camping supplies, you’ll also want to pay attention to the materials you pack so you don’t end up with a hernia. Look for tents and tarps composed of uber-lightweight fabrics like sinylon and Cuben Fiber, or Dyneema®. These synthetic materials are engineered to be light as a feather, and are durable and waterproof to boot.

Cut out the clothes

You’re in a tent, not on a catwalk, so fashion shouldn’t factor into the equation when selecting clothing for your camping trip. Pack the bare minimum of climate-appropriate clothes and plan to wash and reuse items to save on space. We recommend a multi-purpose soap that works on fabrics, you, your gear and your cooking supplies.

If hiking or climbing is on the itinerary, wear your boots on the plane as opposed to stuffing them in your suitcase and lugging the extra weight around the airport.

Make meals a one-pot shop

Bulky cooking gear will weigh you down, monopolize prime luggage real estate and zap your lifeblood. Okay, maybe we’re being a bit overdramatic on that last point, but you get the idea. When you’re flying to your campsite, one-pot cooking is the way to go. Some pots are designed with nesting add-ons if you want to play Emeril Lagasse out in the woods.

As for serving ware and utensils, paper and plastic are always an option, however you’ll want to ensure there are garbage and recycling cans on site. Certain campgrounds require you to take out what you bring in, and the last thing you want to trek around with is a heap of dirty plates and sporks.

Consider what you carry on

The TSA forbids airline travelers to carry on liquids measuring more than 3.4 ounces. The same goes for sharp objects such as camping multi-tools. If you’d like to bring any essential liquids on the plane with you, purchase them in travel size bottles or transfer them into TSA-approved containers. Otherwise, you’ll need to stow larger bottles in your checked luggage, along with your Swiss Army Knife.

Although it’s not technically a liquid, toothpaste falls into the liquid category, so be sure to plan ahead unless you want to scare away the bears, as well as your vacation companions, with your less than fresh breath.

Remember you can rent

Depending on your destination, you might be able to rent camping gear so that you don’t have to carry it along at all. From tents to sleeping bags to cooking equipment, some campgrounds offer all the creature comforts you crave. This will obviously drive up the price of your trip, but it can be worth it in terms of eliminating stress at check-in.

When deciding what to bring for a camping trip, your packing list is dictated by your destination. If you’re staying close by, you can throw the entire contents of your living room into the back of your truck and set it back up when you arrive at your campsite. If you’re boarding a plane, you should probably leave the sofa at home. But that’s just us.


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Your high school history teacher was right: The past is all around us, just waiting to be explored. Fortunately, now you can drop the textbooks and cafeteria food in favor of travel and adventure.

But before you jet off to see ancient ruins or make Indiana Jones proud at an archeological dig site, think about the history it’s easy to overlook while traveling. Sometimes you stare the past right in the face and don’t even know it.

Kelsey Knoedler, mastermind behind travel blog Hipstorical, is dedicated to seeking out all things “reimagined, reinvented and repurposed around the world,” sharing the backstory of buildings to show where antiquity and contemporary meet.

Check out this list of 6 historical travel spots curated by Kelsey herself before planning your next getaway.

1. Szimpla Kert in Budapest

They don’t come much more vintage then Szimpla Kert, Budapest’s most famous “ruin bar.” This watering hole (and others like it) earned their monikers by being built in the city’s District VII neighborhood, known as Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. Post-World War II, the neighborhood was left abandoned. Now, former homes and storefronts have been transformed into bustling hotspots for the city’s party crowd.

2. Ponce City Market in Atlanta

The locale that inspired Kelsey to begin Hipstorical, Ponce City Market started as the Sears, Roebuck & Company building in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Now the imposing brick behemoth houses everything from artisanal restaurants to boutique shops to one-of-a-kind apartments.

“Ponce City Market defines hipstorical; it’s the perfect blend of history and hip,” Kelsey writes. “The market has given new life to an old beauty, preserving the original integrity of the building with a modern twist.”

3. Odeon in Dublin

Dublin has no shortage of history to explore, but set some time aside to take in a beverage or two at Odeon, one of the city’s most popular night spots. This bar began life as a train station – the Harcourt Street Railway Terminus, to be exact. The building was opened in 1859 and closed down almost exactly 100 years later. While rail cars have been traded in for whiskey shots, it’s still a haven for travelers.

Go ahead and treat yourself. After all, Dublin took home the #8 spot on our 2017 Travel Hacker list of wallet-friendly flights.

4. Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in Denver

Like many frontier towns of its time, Denver was once home to as many brothels as dry goods stores. At Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, the red light remains on, even if it’s just for show. This bar and restaurant pays tribute to its historic past as an 1889 bordello, complete with risque decor to accompany its delicious dishes and cocktails.

Bonus: Denver gets two stops on our list, because there’s no way we could talk about historical buildings being transformed into popular hotspots without mentioning Linger, a one-time mortuary turned “eatuary.” Come for the morbid curiosity, stay for the sleek retro interior and delectable global comfort foods.

Now you see why Denver snagged the #6 spot on our 2017 Travel Hacker list of most popular destinations.

5. Trillby & Chadwick Detectives Agency in Helsinki

Straight out of a noir novel, the Trillby & Chadwick Detective Agency in Helsinki combines the best of modern nightlife and hard-boiled history. What began as a London-based private law enforcement and agency now serves as a contemporary speakeasy. Guests must find the hidden entrance located behind an unmarked door. If there’s enough room, you’ll be invited to step back into a time when the word “dame” was the height of slang.

6. The Brewhouse Inn & Suites in Milwaukee

Saying the residents of Milwaukee like their beer is in the running for understatement of the century. Their baseball team is called the Brewers, after all. But you too can show your appreciation for hops and barley by enjoying a sudsy stay at The Brewhouse Inn & Suites, the former home of Pabst Brewery. Don’t worry, the smell of beer has been replaced with a  “steampunk meets urban-contemporary” ambiance.

While these locales may only scratch the surface, consider them inspiration for your next historical sojourn. And be sure to check out Hipstorical for more blasts from the past you can explore yourself.

Travel might just be the coolest form of education. You can learn new languages, experience foreign cultures, explore ancient history – and all without any math tests.

Educational travel offers a chance to trot around the globe in the company of subject-matter experts who will shed new light on the places you visit.

Our friends at the nonprofit Road Scholar, which provides learning adventures for adults in all 50 states and 150 countries, helped us curate a list of their nine most popular destinations for learning.

  1. English lit … literally

England is home to a rich literary history, from Oliver Twist to Sherlock Holmes. Bring that history to life with tours through Bath, Torquay, Dorchester and London. Who wouldn’t want to share a pint at their favorite scribe’s pub? You can go Dickensian without the depressing and even stay at Agatha Christie’s favorite hotel minus the murder mystery.

While you’re at it, see for yourself what helped London take home the #4 spot on our 2017 Travel Hacker list for most popular family destinations and is Road Scholar’s Destination of the Year for 2017.

  1. Canadian coastline

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, and twice each day they rise and fall, with Mother Nature moving a billion tons of water during every cycle. Walk the coastal trails and see firsthand how the tides reverse the flow of the Saint John River at Reversing Falls.

  1. Taking flight in Costa Rica

Have an interest in our planet’s feathered friends? Find out what makes Costa Rica a birder’s paradise with a tour of its northern region, including stops at the Caño Negro National Park and Arenal Volcano National Park. You’re bound to catch sight of one of the country’s estimated 894 avian species, such as the spotted woodcreeper. Yes, we enjoyed that name, too.

  1. Spanish sustenance

Satiate your hunger for travel (and delicious dishes) with a trip through Andalusia, an autonomous region in southern Spain. Gazpacho, cured ham, paella and immersion in one of the world’s most flavorful cultures are all on the menu. Don’t worry, wine is also on the drink list.

  1. Archeology in Ireland

Dublin isn’t just #8 on our 2017 Travel Hacker list of wallet-friendly flights, it’s also home to a rich cultural history. The rest of the Emerald Isle follows suit. Dive into the coast, countryside and capital of Ireland for an exploration of the country’s past, from prehistoric to medieval to modern. Explore pagan relics and Christian ruins one day, visit the stomping grounds of James Joyce the next.

  1. Mexican safari

A trip through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is fun for the whole family, taking you from the sea to the jungle. Where else are your little ones going to see whale sharks, spider monkeys and Mayan pyramids all in one go?

  1. Warming up in Iceland

Sure, you’re likely to see a glacier during your time in Iceland, but the island nation is also home to volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. Take in the best of both worlds by traversing the towns of Grindavik (don’t forget to stop by the Blue Lagoon), Borgarnes, Akureyri, and the nation’s capital, Reykjavik (which came in at #3 on our 2017 Travel Hacker list of wallet-friendly flights).

  1. Time traveling in Croatia

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Croatia brings ancient Mediterranean history to life with breathtaking beauty, both natural and man-made. From the gorgeous greenery of Mljet Island National Park to Byzantine art at the Euphrasian Basilica, this Eastern European country has something for everybody.

  1. Fire and wine in the Azores

Lisbon, Portugal may sit pretty at the #7 spot of our 2017 Travel Hacker list of top trending destinations, but the Autonomous Region of the Azores to its west would give any destination a run for its money. Composed of volcanic islands, this archipelago features stunning coastline and massive craters. It’s also home to some dynamite wine for budding oenologists.

Curious what else is out there? The Road Scholar website features an excellent search tool, allowing you to seek out learning adventures based on destination, date, interest and more. Hey, who said learning couldn’t be fun?

With warmer weather rolling in, now’s the time to start figuring out your summer travel plans. We wondered if Canadian travellers would be staying closer to home this season considering the Canadian dollar isn’t as strong as it once was. By diving into our data, we found — surprisingly — that the destinations seeing the biggest increase in searches for 2017 summer travel all require a passport. So at least for now, Canadians are not letting a low loonie cramp their travel style.

Top 10 Trending Summer Destinations for Canadian Travellers

  1. Lisbon, Portugal – 126% increase in searches
  2. San Jose, Costa Rica – 83% increase in searches
  3. Lima, Peru – 79% increase in searches
  4. Athens, Greece – 75% increase in searches
  5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 57% increase in searches
  6. Denpasar, Indonesia – 57% increase in searches
  7. Barcelona, Spain – 52% increase in searches
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands – 52% increase in searches
  9. Seattle, Washington – 50% increase in searches
  10. New York, NY – 49% increase in searches

Based on what’s trending, it’s clear that Canadians are torn in their travel. On one hand, Europe is still the place to be. Even with a less favorable exchange rate, Canadians are still looking across the pond for their summer getaways. However, wallet-friendly destinations are also shining through. For Canadian travellers trying not to break the bank, several trending destinations — like Ho Chi Minh City, Lima and San Jose — offer cheaper per diem costs and have seen sizeable drops in airfare when compared with last year.

Still trying to decide on your summer travel plans? We have a few tips for our northern neighbors:

  • For Canadians looking for the best deal: check out KAYAK’s redesigned Explore tool. Just put in how much you want to spend on airfare and we’ll show you the places you can fly to on your budget.
  • Cheapest time to travel? Our data shows the least expensive time to travel this summer is the week of August 28. But consider booking your flight now to score the best deals.
  • For budget-savvy travellers who are willing to roll the dice: You can often find a hotel deal by waiting until the very last minute to book. (Just don’t try this on busy holiday weekends or in a city with limited inventory.)

Whether you’re planning a globe-trotting trek or a domestic getaway, we’ll get you the information you need. Start your travel search at KAYAK.



KAYAK pulled internal data based on coach, roundtrip flights with Canadian origin cities.  Searches were pulled between January 1, 2016 and April 5, 2016 for travel dates between May 1, 2016 and September 4, 2016. To compare YOY search findings, KAYAK also pulled data for those searching for travel between January 1, 2017 and April 5, 2017 with dates of travel falling between May 1, 2017 and September 4, 2017.


Header Image Attribution: ESB Professional /

Summer travel is upon us. It’s like we’re hardwired to start searching flights and hotels the moment the sun stays out past 4pm.
To help kickstart your summer vacation planning, we’re breaking down travel to the season’s hottest events. Are you fanatic about music? Into arts and culture? All about sports? No matter what you’re into, we have the tips, trends and tools you need to choose your own summer adventure.

If you’re into…

Head to…


Whether you’re up for glamping or hitching a ride on the shuttle from Nashville, Bonnaroo will have you rocking for 4 days straight.

to Nashville, TN

in Nashville, TN
Search Flights to Nashville > Search Nashville Hotels >


Firefly Music Festival
While “visit Delaware” may not be on your bucket list, that may change come June when some of the biggest acts in rock, hip hop and more take the stage.
to Washington, DC
in Dover, Delaware
Search Flights to Washington, DC > Search Dover Hotels >


Electric Daisy Carnival
Grab your glowsticks. Over 400,000 electronic music fanatics attend EDC every year.
to Las Vegas, NV
in Las Vegas, NV
Search Flights to Las Vegas > Search Las Vegas Hotels >


No longer just for 90s kids, Lollapalooza is one of the summer’s hottest tickets.
to Chicago, IL
in Chicago, IL
Search Flights to Chicago > Search Chicago Hotels >


If you’re into…

Head to…


Indy 500
Feel the need for speed? Get your adrenaline pumping with one of the biggest races of the year.
to Indianapolis, IN
in Indianapolis, IN
Search Flights to Indianapolis > Search Indianapolis Hotels >


US Open, Golf
ERIN, WI • JUNE 12 – 18
We hear Wisconsin is lovely this time of year, so break out your polo shirts and saddle up to the green.
to Milwaukee, WI
in Milwaukee, WI
Search Flights to Milwaukee > Search Milwaukee Hotels >


Running of the Bulls
Run for your life (or just watch others run for theirs)… all for free.
to Bilbao, Spain
in Pamplona, Spain
Search Flights to Bilbao > Search Pamplona Hotels >


US Open, Tennis
If Serena can win a tourney while pregnant, you can get off the couch and head to New York for the Open.


to New York, NY
in New York, NY
Search Flights to NYC > Search NYC Hotels >


If you’re into…

Head to…


Art Basel
Can you tell the difference between a Rosenquist and a Rauschenberg? Then you belong at Basel.
to Zurich, Switzerland
in Basel, Switzerland
Search Flights to Zurich > Search Basel Hotels >


The Bordeaux Wine Festival
You had us at “wine.” Touted as the “largest wine festival in the world,” celebrate your favorite fermented beverage for 4 straight days.
to Quebec City, CAN
in Quebec City, CAN
Search Flights to Quebec City > Search Quebec City Hotels >


Fashion Week
Click your heels and go toe-to-toe with famous celebrities, designers and your favorite fashion Instagrammers.
to New York, NY
in New York, NY
Search Flights to NYC > Search NYC Hotels >


If you’re into…

Head to…


Canada’s 150th Birthday
O, Canada! You’re not looking a day over 149. Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Great North with festivals, spectacles and plenty of fireworks.
to Ottawa, CAN
in Ottawa, CAN
Search Flights to Ottawa > Search Ottawa Hotels >


Amsterdam Gay Pride
Pound some pavement in celebration of love and equality. Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Week brings out the best in the city with parties, parades, dances and concerts.
to Amsterdam, NL
in Amsterdam, NL
Search Flights to Amsterdam > Search Amsterdam Hotels >


Burning Man
Whether you arrive with or without a latex bodysuit, we all know those days out in the desert are for making memories you won’t be telling the grandkids.
to Reno, NV
in Reno, NV
Search Flights to Reno > Search Reno Hotels >


Oompa! Bring your grandpa’s antique stein and sip (okay, guzzle) some of the finest beer Germany has to offer as you celebrate the last days of summer.
to Munich, Germany
in Munich, Germany
Search Flights to Munich > Search Munich Hotels >


If you’re into…

Head to…


Festival De Cannes
Be in the enviable position of seeing the top movies of the year before they’re released to the public.
to Nice, France
in Cannes, France
Search Flights to Nice > Search Cannes Hotels >


Comic-Con International
Geek culture goes mainstream at this much-anticipated event.
to San Diego, CA
in San Diego, CA
Search Flights to San Diego > Search San Diego Hotels >


The Official Star Trek Convention
Boldly go where plenty have gone before. Let out your inner Spock, Kirk or Picard in Vegas.
to Las Vegas, NV
in Las Vegas, NV
Search Flights to Las Vegas > Search Las Vegas Hotels >


Toronto Film Festival
For a film fest every bit as edgy, but somewhat closer to home, the TFF will satisfy your inner cinephile.
to Toronto, CAN
in Toronto, CAN
Search Flights to Toronto > Search Toronto Hotels >

KAYAK can help you organize your summer travel plans with our Trips tool.
Simply forward any emailed ticket for concerts, sporting events, film festivals, etc. to We’ll add them to your itinerary so you can track your travel plans, share with friends and receive alerts. Whether you’re attending one of the season’s hottest events, planning a family getaway or going on a weekend excursion, we’ve got you covered. Start your travel search with KAYAK.

Methodology:Median airfare and hotel rates based on travel dates for specified event dates (outlined above). Search dates are 01/012017-04/20/2017 for searches conducted on the US locale with US Origins. For some events in smaller towns, we considered the nearest major airport for median airfare, which are based on round-trip economy flights. Median hotel rates are based on any star rating and represent per night rates for double occupancy.


Header Image Attribution: Brooklyn Morgan/

It seems like overnight, booking a flight is no longer a simple task. With airlines rolling out new “basic economy” fares, suddenly your ticket comes with more restrictions than ever before. Thankfully, we’re taking on the challenge to help you through the process by showing you what’s included in your ticket price.

With our latest “fare families” feature, we’ll show your basic, standard and advanced options right in your flight search results. We’ve also added icons that call out flights that don’t allow a carry-on. That way, you have the information you need to decide if having priority boarding and the ability to bring a carry-on bag is worth springing for the upgrade. Go ahead, try it.

Why are “fare families” even a thing?

Thanks to low cost carriers ramping up the competition, major airlines are now “unbundling” their fares. These means things once included in the cost of your ticket now classify as “extras.” So that “great deal” on your ticket to Denver, starts to look different once you realize the flight doesn’t include a carry-on, drinks or an assigned seat.

Are you reaching for the aspirin, yet?

What airlines are offering these fares?

As of today, we’re showing three major domestic airlines that have started unbundling their fares: Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines.

How do I see them?

When you run a flight search, if there is a flight that offers different fares for the same flight, they’ll appear directly in your search results like this:

You’ll have the option to book the lowest fare price with the “View Deal” button, or select a different class for an additional cost. Unfortunately, there’s no standard for what is and is not included in the different fare classes across the airlines.
To break it down for you, here’s what the 3 fare classes include:

No Frills

United American Delta
Name Basic Basic Economy Basic Economy
Snacks X
Overhead carry-on X X
Small personal item
Entertainment X X
Seat Selection X X X
Ticket Changes X X X
Priority Boarding X (last to board) X (last to board) X

Middle Ground (formerly known as Economy)

United American Delta
Name Economy Main Cabin Main Cabin
Snacks X
Overhead carry-on
Small personal item
Entertainment X X
Seat Selection $
Ticket Changes $ $ $
Priority Boarding X $ $


United American Delta
Name Coming Soon Premium Comfort+
Snacks   X
Overhead carry-on  
Small personal item  
Entertainment   X
Seat Selection   $
Ticket Changes   $ $
Priority Boarding   $ $


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