All 7 Types of Travelers


Did you take our quiz to find out what type of traveler you are? Here are the 7 types, each bringing their own brand of “what the…” to your next group trip. Because pleasing people hard. But, fortunately for you, travel planning doesn’t have to be with our new group decision-making tool.

Your Travel Personality is… The High Roller. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you’re giving up your luxe life. VIP Access, boutique hotels, boujee mimosa bars… you’re on it. No matter where you go, you know the best nightclubs, the hottest food trends and the poshest spas. But your friends know you’re willing to tag them into the airport lounge so it’s all good.

Your Travel Personality is… The Life of the Party. If there’s a party going on, you’re at the center of it. You can talk to anyone, no matter the place or language barrier (that time you made best friends with a Panamanian boat captain, even though you don’t speak Spanish? Legendary). And while sometimes you may push the envelope a bit too far, your friends are never bored when they travel with you.

Your Travel Personality is… The Super Saver. You never met a two-for-one deal that you didn’t like. While others are excited to plan fancy meals and expensive city excursions, you’re looking for the best street eats and DIY walking tours. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save a few pennies, just be sure you’re not ordering only salad and water at every meal.

Your Travel Personality is… The Flow Master. Dude, you’re up for anything, anywhere, anytime. Though your indecision might make some of your friends a bit batty, it’s your laid-back, free-flowing attitude that makes you such a joy to travel with. No matter what, you keep a calm, cool head and are always looking for a good time.

Your Travel Personality is… The MVP (Most Valuable Planner). Vacation on the horizon? You’ve got this. When it comes to planning, you like to take charge. Your friends can expect you to not only plot out the perfect itinerary, but also to coordinate all their travel plans. You know the ins and outs of planning the perfect getaway, including choosing places and things to do that’ll satisfy all your friends’ personalities. When it comes to going away together, your friends turn to you to make it happen.

Your Travel Personality is… The Critic. You’ve got opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. Whether it’s the beach being too sandy, the trendy hotspot being too trendy or the bathroom of your hotel being too bathroom-y, you’ve got something to say. And while, for the most part, it can get you into some trouble, it’s your discerning taste that forces your friends to come up with some amazing ideas.

Your Travel Personality is… The Late-Comer. Seriously, though, where the $%&! are you. You’re the friend that texts “just left” when you wake up in the morning. And never in your life have you actually been “only 5 minutes away.” While you might make your friends panic every time you plan a trip together, you know that deep down it’s your lateness that keeps the adrenaline pumping. Will he make the flight? Will she sleep through the 4am tour bus pick-up? Likely. But they love you for it.