More Americans Leave Passports at Home for Summer Vacation

By Andrea Charriez

It’s April, which can only mean one thing – summer vacation plans are in full bloom. But here’s something you may not expect – according to KAYAK data, more Americans are leaving their passports at home this summer in favor of domestic travel destinations.

Based on flight search year-over-year performed on KAYAK, these are the top North American destinations:

Los Angeles, CA (up 22%)
Las Vegas, NV (up 20%)
Kahului, HI (up 19%)
San Francisco, DA (up 14%)
Cancun, Mexico (up 11%)

With summer airfare to Europe hovering at an excruciatingly high altitude, it’s not surprising to see searches for historically popular European cities decline across the board from last year. Searches for Rome, Italy plummeted 65% and the ever-popular London is down by nearly 40%.

So, let go of your dream to catch Michael Phelps in the flesh and enjoy an all-American vacation this year – just ditch the Griswold station wagon for a spiffy 747.

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