If you caught our blog last week, you know we looked at intensity of travel searches to predict that Seattle and New England would make their way out of Sunday’s match-ups and on to Arizona for the Big Game. And we nailed it. For the third time in a row.

We’ve also correctly predicted the winner of the Big Game for two years running, so we went back to our trusty search data yet again. We wanted to determine which fans have the most faith by looking at the year-over-year increase in search activity for flights from competing cities to this year’s host, Arizona.

Once again, Seattle fans are on top, vehemently confident that their boys will be the last ones left standing on February 1st with a staggering 2919% increase in average search activity. It looks to be a close game though, with New England fans not far behind with a 2115% increase in average search activity. #Deflategate might have New England fans second-guessing if their boys can win with 14-oz balls.

If our past performance indicates future results, you’ll want to pack your bags and head out of Seattle-Tacoma airport, where a recent search** revealed that the lowest airfare to Phoenix is $541. If you’re not ready to give up on the dream, Boston-Logan is showing lowest airfare to Phoenix to be $959 – pretty steep in comparison. Now that’s dedication.

So there you have it – if all goes to plan, Seattle will be bringing home the hardware come February and we’ll be bragging about the accuracy of our predictions until we do it again next year.

*Considered YoY increase in share of searches conducted Jan 18, 2015 – Jan 21, 2015 from hometown regions to Phoenix, Arizona for travel beginning between Jan 29, 2015 and Feb 1, 2015 and ending between Feb 1, 2015 and Feb 3, 2015.

**Searches conducted on on 1/23/2015 for flights leaving SEA to PHX and BOS to PHX, departing on 1/31/2015 and returning on 2/2/2015.

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