KAYAK MythHackers

KAYAK MythHackers is taking aim at travel’s biggest myths.

What is KAYAK MythHackers?

KAYAK MythHackers | Introduction

KAYAK MythHackers is taking aim at travel’s biggest myths – from the cheapest day to book a flight to why...

Is Tuesday the best day to book a flight?

KAYAK MythHackers | Episode 1

Is Tuesday *actually* the best day to find the cheapest flights? We put this widely held travel belief to the...

Do different devices find you cheaper flights?

KAYAK MythHackers | Episode 2

Do different devices actually show you different flight prices? And what about searching in an incognito browser? We put these...

How realistic are Hollywood airport romances?

KAYAK MythHackers | Episode 3

Are over-the-top romantic gestures in airports *actually* romantic or a slippery slope to jail time? We’re taking on the series...

Is Basic Economy always the cheapest way to fly?

KAYAK MythHackers | Episode 4

Basic economy fares skimp on extras to cut costs, which can make it an affordable option. But is a basic...

Do airlines fly over the Bermuda Triangle?

KAYAK MythHackers | Episode 5

What influence does the Bermuda Triangle have on the flight paths of commercial airlines? We put on our tinfoil hats...