Flight Delayed? Get Paid. KAYAK partners with Service.


In a perfect world, there’d be no hassle when you travel. You’d always get extra legroom. In-flight meals would be gourmet. And flights would never, ever be delayed or cancelled. But even though this isn’t a perfect world — we have the perfect solution for that last one.

KAYAK has partnered with Service, a tech startup that works to secure compensation for travelers, to help our users get paid for delayed and cancelled domestic flights. Now, when you search for a domestic flight and book using the option labeled “KAYAK” — we’ll tell Service to start watching your flight. (Don’t worry — KAYAK won’t share any information with Service beyond anonymous flight details so they can monitor a particular route.) Then, if you experience a delay or cancellation, Service will alert us so that we can reach out to you with info on how to begin the process.

Better yet, it’s a win-win for both airlines and travelers. Service saves the average traveler over $300 each year by helping them find compensation packages and offers. And for airlines, Service helps them keep their customers feeling happy and taken care of even if they’ve experienced a disrupted flight. By adding them to your search experience, this is just another way we’re making sure you’re not just confident, you’re KAYAK Confident when you book a flight. Because now you know that if a flight’s delayed, you could get paid.