Top 10 Least-Expensive Labor Day Destinations

By Andrea Charriez

Still no grand plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend and short on travel funds? Don’t fret – we’ve rallied the top 10 cities for Labor Day deals this year, based on the lowest average hotel rates among top 40 US destinations. Take a look and let your inner procrastinator rejoice:

The Top Least Expensive Destinations for Labor Day Weekend*:

  1. Orlando, $115
  2. Washington, D.C., $131
  3. Anaheim, $140
  4. San Antonio, $147
  5. Denver, $151
  6. Houston, $154
  7. Myrtle Beach, $155
  8. Reno, $156
  9. Savannah, $160
  10. New Orleans, $171

Looking for some suggestions on what to do in some of our top 10 cities? Look no further:

Have you been meaning to make your childhood dream of visiting Disney World come true? Well friends, now is the time. Get ready to let the inner child (or your actual children) out and head to Orlando for a great time – and a great deal. In addition to having the lowest hotel rate over Labor Day, our data also found that average roundtrip airfare for the city came in at a reasonable $309.

Denver, our number 5 city, is a mecca of outdoor activity and sports fun, even as summer nears its finale. With a multitude of gorgeous natural running and hiking routes, golf courses and biking trails (the USA Pro Challenge is held here each year, just before Labor Day), there will be no shortage of action during the long holiday weekend. Besides the inexpensive accommodations that ranked Denver so highly, average round-trip airfare also comes in at a very wallet-friendly $302.

Maybe you’ve been feeling like adding some spice to your life. Literally. This can absolutely be done by visiting world-renowned NOLA, a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music, which rounds out our top 10. Savor the Big Easy (and all the gumbo, jazz and charm it has to offer) before summer melts away. The city’s annual Southern Decadence festival also takes place during this weekend every year – an amazing LGBT celebration that NOLA dubs as “one of the wildest weeks of partying in the American South.” Intrigued yet?

The choice is yours. No matter where you head this Labor Day weekend, we have just one recommendation that rings true for all: Enjoy!

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*Lowest average display price for hotel rates, found for top 40 destinations

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