KAYAK’s Guide To Everything Oktoberfest

By Andrea Charriez

We at KAYAK take Oktoberfest very seriously (given that our swoodoo brand was started there). After analyzing hundreds of millions of flight queries, as well as data from our new partner at TrustYou, we’re excited to present KAYAK’s Guide to Everything Oktoberfest. So put on your dirndls and lederhosen and get ready to yell out “O’zapft is,” just in time for the world’s largest fair kicking off September 21st and running through October 6th in Munich.

First, which countries are the most excited about this year’s festivities? According to KAYAK data, searches for flights from France to Munich were up nearly five times the regular amount when compared to flanking weekends, followed by Canada and Italy, respectively.

So now that you have a sense of who will be there, our team compiled recommendations for what to do, see and eat at Oktoberfest, followed by hotel tips based on a review sentiment analysis from our partners at TrustYou.

KAYAK Team Tent Recommendations:

= Schottenhamel – On the opening day of Oktoberfest, the mayor of Munich taps the first keg and calls out “O’zapft is!” It’s only after this ceremony that all other tents begin serving beer. It’s also the largest and probably rowdiest tent, so it’s a fun place to start.

= Käfer Wiesenschänke – It’s a much smaller, quieter tent in comparison to the rest and they serve a great Käfer-roasted duck. It’s a great spot to meet new people. It’s also where you want to be late night as most tents close at 11pm. This one is open until 12:30am – but be forewarned, it’s not easy to get in.

= Schützen Festzelt – A great tent to meet friends or coworkers because it’s a little bigger than Käfer’s, but doesn’t get too loud. Also, they serve an amazing grilled suckling pig in bier sauce. It’s the perfect spot for finishing up some business over local fare.

= Augustinerfesthalle – Best beer available. Augustiner is Munich’s oldest still independent brewery, very popular and very tasty.

What to Do & See:

= Krinoline – This traditional carousel is Oktoberfest’s oldest ride.

= Teufelsrad (Devil’s wheel) – A big, rotating plate that people sit and stand on. Try your best not to fall when it begins to spin.

= Oide Wiesn – Located in the southern part of Oktoberfest area, this area gives you the opportunity to experience the Oktoberfest the same way previous generations did. (Wiesn is what many Germans call the Oktoberfest because of its location in an area of Munich called the Theresienwiese, or Wiesn for short. “Oide Wiesn” = Old Oktoberfest)

= Make sure you eat a fish roll. The booths are still open after tents close and it’s the best way to avoid a hangover the next day.

Life Hacks for Oktoberfest:

= Stop by Angermaier or Steindl (a budget-friendly alternative to Angermaier) to pick up some traditional lederhosen and dirndl. The shops are located between “Stachus” and “Isartor.”

= Go to Oktoberfest during lunch time (referred to as “Mittagswiesn”). It’s better to get seats and the tents offer cheaper prices during lunch.

= Make sure you go during the week; tents are more crowded on weekends.

= For after-parties, or “After Wiesn,” we recommend:
—- Wiesnclub (only a 5 minute walk, old congress hall)
—- Löwenbräu Keller (good place to eat and party, beer garden feeling)
—- Hacker Pschorr Bräuhaus (only 2 minutes away)

Hotels For Any Oktoberfest Experience (Courtesy of TrustYou)

Top 5 Hotels to Fill Your Stomach after a Day at the Wiesn

– 1 – Hotel Jedermann
– 2 – Hotel Mirabell München
– 3 – Hotel Metropol München
– 4 – Hotel Schlicker
– 5 – marc München

Top 5 Luxury Hotels

– 1 – Mandarin Oriental, München
– 2 – The Charles Hotel
– 3 – Hotel München Palace
– 4 – Sofitel München Bayerpost
– 5 – Vier Jahreszeiten Kemplinski Munchen

Top 5 Hotels for Visiting Oktoberfest on a Budget

– 1 – Krimehild
– 2 – Hotel Laimer Hof
– 3 – Hotel Bavaria
– 4 – Cortiina Hotel
– 5 – Hotel Grunwald

Top 5 Closest Places to Stay After a Long Day at the Wiesn
– 1 – Hotel Bavaria
– 2 – Hotel Brack
– 3 – Hotel Mirabell München
– 4 – Adagio Muenchen City
– 5 – Hotel Andra

For more Oktoberfest-on-a-budget tips, check out this infographic from our colleagues in the UK.


Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephen-oung/6318023937/

(Preview photo cred: iStock.com/Rocky89)