Live Your Perfect Day in Denver

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a “perfect day,” whether it’s bungee jumping in the rainforest or curling up with some Thai takeout in bed (seriously, no judgment here).

That said, your perfect day likely changes when you’re traveling. Every destination provides new adventures to experience and unique cultural opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. That got us thinking about how we’d like to spend an ideal 24 hours in the Mile-High City.

Spoiler alert: It involved lots of eating and more than a few adult beverages. Check out our curated list for the perfect Denver-y day.

Rise and shine

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or cosmopolitan entertainment, Denver combines the best of both worlds. Either way, it makes sense to carb up before pounding the pavement.

Not only did Denver take the sixth spot on our 2017 Travel Hacker list of most popular destinations, it’s also home to some unbeatable eateries, such as the ART, a hotel (yes, that’s its real name). Crêpes, anyone?

Courtesy of: @lmonitz

Kayak downtown Denver

Did we choose this activity because it goes with our name? Hey, it’s not every day you can jam on man-made kayak chutes with a killer city skyline in the background. After you’ve worked off breakfast with the other urban athletes in Confluence Park, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane (and eat some more).

Bring the past to life over lunch

As we’ve mentioned before, Denver lays claim to some killer historical hot spots, including the bordello turned “gastro-brothel” Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox and the mortuary turned “eatuary” known as Linger. Whether you’re hungry for lunch or just a good story to take home, these places have you covered.

Unleash your inner art critic

Breathtaking views can be found outside of nature in Denver – just ask the crowds streaming in and out of the Denver Art Museum, home to more than 70,000 works of art. Then again, if Monet is just too played out for your sophisticated palette, you can always hit up The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, with its shifting exhibitions focused on modern art and artists.

Soak up the suds

Calling Denver a big beer city is a major understatement. More beer is brewed in Denver than any other U.S. city, with more than 100 breweries and bars in the greater Denver metropolitan area.

If walking the Beer Trail isn’t your thing, you can always check out the scene at Terminal Bar, located in Denver Union Station. Why not enjoy some turn-of-the-century accouterments along with your beverages?

Courtesy of: @bluemountainbel

Of course, not everyone is a fan of barley and hops. Not to worry, the crew at Leopold Bros. has you covered on the spirits front, complete with tours and tastings.

Courtesy of: @leopoldbros

Denver dinner

It’s time to grab some grub yet again. What better way to cap off a day full of art, adventure and, erm … alcohol, than with a cornucopia of tasty treats? Avanti Food and Beverage offers something for everyone, with the “collective eatery” featuring numerous mini-bistros spanning culinary concoctions from around the world (all in addition to a rooftop bar). And yes, you better believe there’s dessert on the menu. Travel like a local and eat like royalty.

Dance the night away

Finally, it’s time to cap things off with some sweet tunes at the Appaloosa Grill, where you can find live music nearly every night of the week, from blues and jazz to dance and rock ‘n’ roll.

Exhausted? Us, too. But days don’t come much more picture-perfect than that.


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