Here’s to the Planners of Every Great Trip


You’ve heard it all: Type-A. Hyper-organized. Compulsive. Well we say, embrace it. You’re the reason group trips happen. You’re the real MVP (Most Valuable Planner). So, to help you confidently plan your next group trip, we’ve created out latest travel tool: Trip Huddle.

Trip Huddle lets you and your friends vote on destinations, travel dates and accommodations for your group trip. Once the votes are in, you’re left with a plan to go forth and book your vacation. That way, you’re spending less time reading through long email chains and group chats, and more time planning fun activities and dinner spots. Since Trip Huddle keeps your group decisions all in one place, everyone knows the plan.

To start a huddle, name your group trip and start adding your friends. Then, pick the destinations you’re thinking of visiting, the travel dates you’re looking at and a few hotels and vacation rentals to choose from. You’re even able to see general pricing for your accommodations, in case that helps the group make decisions. Then, everyone gets to vote, leading to a final decision of where and when to go (as well as where to stay). Now, all that your friends have to do is book their flight (or Venmo you the money to do it for them).

But Trip Huddle isn’t the only reward we’re giving you. Head here to enter for a chance to win $5,000 towards your next group trip, see the 7 types of travelers you have to manage, and more.

Because we know that pleasing everyone is hard. Thankfully, with KAYAK, travel planning doesn’t have to be.