What You Need To Know About Canada Day Travel

Break out your maple leafs because it’s time to start planning for a Canada Day celebration. And what better way to celebrate this country… than with a trip to visit some of its brightest, and boldest cities. This year, our data shows that the cost of traveling within Canada is at a 3-year low. But whether you’re planning to  dust off your knapsack and plan a long weekend away for Canada Day, here are our top tips on where to go, when to book and how much to spend.

When to Book

The age-old question. For travel within Canada on Canada Day, you’ll want to book by June 15th. Otherwise, we’re seeing a high likelihood that prices will start to spike. However, as with any of our booking advice, if you see a good deal — get it. Our Anywhere tool can help you determine what’s considered a “good deal” to your destination from your home airport.

Where to Go

So, you know you want to celebrate Canada Day by taking a long weekend (or even just a weekend getaway). Honor your nation by strolling the fishing villages of Nova Scotia or hiking the trails of British Columbia. Whether you’re looking for the hottest, new destination in Canada or just want to know where you can get a good flight deal, we’ve rounded up the most popular, top trending and top deal destinations of the Great North.

Most Popular Destinations by Province  

These destinations are the most-searched-for cities on our site.

  • Alberta: Calgary
  • British Columbia: Vancouver
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg
  • New Brunswick: Moncton
  • Newfoundland: St. John’s
  • Nova Scotia: Halifax
  • Ontario: Toronto
  • Quebec: Montreal
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon
Top Trending Destinations by Province

These cities are seeing the greatest increase in traveler interest, when looking at KAYAK searches this year versus last.

  • Alberta: Edmonton, interest is up 16%
  • British Columbia: Abbotsford, interest is up 64%
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg, interest is up 3%
  • New Brunswick: Saint John, interest is up 58%
  • Newfoundland: St. John’s, interest is up 36%
  • Nova Scotia: Sydney, interest is up 6%
  • Ontario: Hamilton, interest is up 25%
  • Quebec: La Vernière, interest is up 44%
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, interest is up 19%
Top Deal Destinations by Province

When we looking at flight prices and comparing them to Canada Day last year, these destinations saw the biggest drop in the cost of airfare.

  • Alberta: Edmonton, prices are down 22%
  • British Columbia: Vancouver, prices are down 16%
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg, prices are down 29%
  • New Brunswick: Moncton, prices are down 14%
  • Newfoundland: St. John’s, prices are down 4%
  • Nova Scotia: Halifax, prices are down 9%
  • Ontario: Ottawa, prices are down 9%
  • Quebec: Quebec City, prices are down 2%
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, prices are down 27%

*Yes, we love PEI, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, too. But unfortunately, we did not have enough flight data to analyze for these provinces.

How Much to Spend on Accommodations

Wherever you end up for Canada Day, you’ll need to find a place to rest your head. We’ve rounded up the median hotel rates for each province to help you figure out per diem costs before you book.

  • Alberta: median hotel $307/night
  • British Columbia: median hotel $300/night
  • Manitoba: median hotel $154/night
  • New Brunswick: median hotel $160/night
  • Newfoundland: median hotel $184/night
  • Nova Scotia: median hotel $213/night
  • Ontario: median hotel $267/night
  • Prince Edward Island: median hotel $210/night
  • Quebec: median hotel $243/night
  • Saskatchewan: median hotel $154/night

However you spend it — with a trip to another city, fireworks or a rubber ducky race — KAYAK will find you the information you need so you can be confident you’re planning the perfect Canada Day trip.



All data is based on median hotel rates conducted from KAYAK CA and is intended to be used as a guide. Travel dates are June 28, 2018 through July 3, 2018, and search dates are January 1, 2018 through May 29, 2018. All flights considered are economy, round-trip. To compare year over year findings, KAYAK considered searches from searches from January 1, 2017 through May 29, 2017 for travel June 30, 2017 through July 5, 2017.


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