The Weekly Newsletter: January 13, 2022 Edition

Make your HQ somewhere new.

Did you hear? “Workcations” are in for 2022 – more than 40% of Gen Z employees plan to take remote work trips this year, according to a recent KAYAK survey. This is why we decided to launch a guide to help you decide where to work remotely. Get the details on this trendy initiative, this week’s travel news, and more – just keep scrolling.


The pre-check

Here’s the latest news about vaccine mandates for popular destinations, which airlines are keeping your safety (and budget) in mind, and other airline-related stories for the week.

  • Where you might need a boost.
    A handful of popular tourist destinations, including France, the Netherlands and the UAE are now revising their travel requirements to include having a COVID-19 booster in addition to being fully-vax’d. As Omicron continues to spread, we anticipate others will follow suit.
  • But they asked nicely!
    The US State Department of Transportation recently requested that wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon kindlyhit “pause” on their 5G wireless service because it could interfere with aircraft signals, potentially causing further travel issues. Though the wireless companies replied “mmmm, no” to said request, they offered to “exclude areas around runways at certain airports” to try and keep expansion interference to a minimum.


Here’s what’s trending according to our data and how it can help you make the most of your trip.

Does your WFH space need a redo?
Is it just us, or does it feel like working from your bed without pants just…isn’t cutting it anymore? ICYMI, we recently chatted with our friends at Fortune about some of our 2022 travel trend predictions, one of which being that “working from home” is going to become “working from wherever.”

Introducing: KAYAK’s Work From Wherever Guide
You’ve decided to work from somewhere new – but where should you go? To help you choose, we ranked 111 countries around the world based on different criteria such as internet accessibility, social life, safety and more. Based on these categories, we created a handy guide with tools that can help you narrow down which destination could be best, including:

  • Remote work rankings index: Our in-depth analysis of the best remote work locations around the world based on 22 different factors.
  • Options in your timezone: A map where you can find out which locations are in similar timezones as the rest of your team.
  • The 10 trending workcation destinations: Which locations are heating up for US travelers interested in mixing business and pleasure (travel, that is).

In addition to the Work From Wherever Guide, we’re also giving away the ultimate remote work experience with the Roam Remotely Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will receive a grand prize of $10,000 in gift cards to put towards their own workcation.* Ready to find your next remote HQ? Head to our guide to start planning your next “work” trip.


Tricks of the trade

Where we share stories, tips, or hacks that might’ve been missed in your usual content feed.

Car rentals are wheely popular.
The good news? You can easily travel and road trip by renting a car. The bad news? Other people can, too. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, we shared that the average US car rental rate this past December was $81 per day, which was 31% more compared to the year prior. What’s even wilder is that before the pandemic, daily rental rates in the US were $46 a day on average during December.

Our advice? Book your ride in advance.
To avoid hiked-up prices and potential inventory shortages, we recco making your rental car arrangements long before your trip. Even if you’re on the fence about driving, it can’t hurt to book just in case; use our “free cancellation” filter (found under “policies”) during your search so you can book now and change your plans later. If rental inventory is low, be sure to look into car sharing before you throw in the towel – which you can also find on KAYAK with partners like Turo – it’s a great alternative to traditional car rentals and can still get you where you need to go.


Social shoutouts

Special shoutout to @travelling_glory for this winter wonderland shot of Yosemite National Park.

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Methodology: KAYAK considered searches from 12.8.21 to 12.14.21. To compare year over year and year over two year, we considered searches during the same timeframe one and two years prior.

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