What’s better than finding the right hotel for your next trip? Being able to see all of your accommodation options in one search. Lucky for you, when you search on KAYAK, that’s exactly what you’ll get – an all-encompassing search that combines all our accommodation options in one place. Cabins, cottages and villas, oh my.


In addition to hotels, KAYAK has access to more than 450,000 rentals and unique accommodations in the United States alone. Plus, we search some of your favorite booking sites – like Vrbo – to help you find the vacation rental of your dreams.


And if you’re in the market for a hotel, we have those too. Our filters make it easy to see only the types of accommodation you’re looking for.


Easily filter your search results to show only hotels. Or only rentals. Or leave it open and search by price to see all of the options in your price range. Our powerful filters make it simple to drill down until you find an accommodation that meets your needs. Maybe you didn’t realize that mountain cabin was the same price as the hotel room you were leaning towards. With KAYAK, you won’t make that mistake twice.


Did you know you could stay in a castle? There are more than 30 of them in the US ready for you to book. Wondering what else you may find when you search? Here are some of the highlights from around the US.



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Methodology: Statistics on the number of properties available on KAYAK is based on internal reporting of active listings in the United States.