Spring Snow Showers bring Sunny Travel Destinations

By Andrea Charriez

It’s about that time to climb out of our polar vortex-induced igloos, dust off the snow and get somewhere warm…fast. We looked at searches for travel this March and identified the top destinations by popularity and airfare. We don’t think anyone will be shocked to learn that each destination boasts a little thing called warm weather.

Lihue, Hawaii, and New Orleans, Louisiana, are the top two trending destinations, with 39% and 29% search share increases year-over year. Punta Cana came in as the #3 trending destination, with a 23% increase in search activity year-over-year. Average airfare to this Caribbean hotspot also dropped 9% from this time last year to around $590, making it a great spot for those of you too busy shoveling to have booked your trips yet.

Fort Myers, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico, also saw big drops in airfare compared to this time last year, with average airfares of around $300 (down 11%) and around $500 (down 9%), respectively.

Still clutching that snow shovel? We recommend booking as soon as possible – according to our 2014 Travel Guide, the best time to book is 3-7 weeks out for domestic destinations and 2-3 weeks out for Caribbean destinations.


Photo Source: https://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-55550p1.html

(Preview photo cred: iStock.com/DNY59)