What Are Americans Doing at Work? Planning Travel.

By Andrea Charriez

Day in, day out you’re at your desk crunching numbers, formatting spreadsheets, doing… whatever it is that you do. Maybe that’s why so many of you are using breaks in your day to take a (mental) step away and plan your travel while on the job.

According to our data, our site sees a surge in searches between the hours of 11am and 12pm during the workweek. It seems like lunchtime has become a popular time to plan your next getaway. And we fully support that (even if your boss doesn’t). So we decided to dig deeper. Here’s what we found:

In support of workplace travel planning, we’ve come up with a new version of our desktop site to aid you in your search, whether you need to hide from your boss or just want to look productive.

On 3/27/17 we analyzed searches conducted on KAYAK US from January 1, 2017 – March 21, 2017. To draw conclusions regarding Top 10 lists, we looked on 3/26 at the % of searchers using KAYAK US between 11 and 3 (local time for each market), from ‘2017-01-01’ to ‘2017-03-21’, for the top major-metro areas in the US.