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Clarksville - Exterior
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| Okay - 35 reviews
Airport shuttle
The Super 8 of Clarksville offers affordable lodging for long distance travelers from I-40, vacationers enjoying the scenic wonders of the majestic Ozark Mountains, visitors to the Ozark Folk Center and families and students coming to the University of Ozarks. The Super 8 is located just off the Clarksville intersection of I-40, near restaurants, shops, a m...
Overall Rating - Okay - 35 reviews
Poor 2.0
Jul 11 2010 Posted by Anonymous
The ice machine was broken and did not get repaired. The pool did not have the filter turned on and in the morning, it was FULL of bugs. The air was off in all the rooms when we arrived. The non smoking rooms were smoking rooms as the walls were brown from nicotine and there were ashtrays. Wires just left hanging down where the smoke alarm was supposed to be. The toilet had not been cleaned in one room and had trouble flushing. Small dark hairs on the floor of that bathroom; not been swept or cleaned or replenished any supplies. 15 minutes in that same room, the air conditioner quit. The front desk wanted us to wait 45 minutes for the manager to return and fix. I had to insist on another room. When we were moved to a new room, the microwave was dirty. The shower head was about to fall out of the wall. The phone was not working in one room. The phones in the other rooms were filthy. No trash bags in any of the trash cans in any rooms. The washing machine quit working the next morning. ...
Okay 6.0
Apr 18 2007 Posted by Anonymous
Rooms were clean and the hotel was easy to find, but the beds were hard and the walls were thin.
Super 8 Clarksville AR
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