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Rochester - Urban, Historic
Rochester - Urban, Historic
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| Poor - 1 reviews
Airport shuttle
At Motel 6 we welcome our guests 24 hours a day with a comfortable, pet friendly environment at the lowest rates of any national chain. Relax and enjoy WiFi available in all modern rooms for $2.99 per 24 hours
Overall Rating - Poor - 1 reviews
Poor 2.0
Aug 30 2014 Posted by Rachel

I was arriving late in Rochester and leaving my hotel to fly back to Boulder at 3:30 am. I just needed a quick, close stop to sleep for a few hours before I traveled again. I was traveling alone at that point. I booked the room based on Kayak reviews and also it not having a presence on the bed bug registry (I'm a little unhinged when it comes to possible infestations of any kind). I'd never been to Rochester and wanted something super close and convenient to the airport, clean, no frills, etc. because I really needed just the bed. I arrived and checked in just fine/paid for my room. I found my way to it through a series of long empty halls on the second floor. The room was fine, pretty much what I expected...clean and basic. I unpacked the few things I would need for early morning and sat down on the bed and turned on the weather channel. About five minutes later, the room phone rang. I picked it up and the voice on the other end said, "This is the front desk. Do you need your room serviced?" I said I didn't and he asked if I was sure. I said I was and hung up. The room was a little dusty and I thought maybe it had been unoccupied for a stretch since I didn't see another soul on the whole second floor. I didn't give the phone call a second thought until a few minutes later when the room phone rang again. I picked it up and the same voice said, "This is the front desk and we need you to come down here." I asked why and he said, "You just need to come down here right now." My mind raced from maybe there was a fire or a death at home or my rental car got hit. The head covered a lot of possibilities quickly. Not understanding and starting to freak out a little bit, I asked what this pertained to and he said, "Ma'am, you need to get down here now." I was confused and stumbling and said something about being in the middle of something, so could I come down in 15 minutes. He said, "No. You need to come now. You didn't pay for your room and if you don't come down here now, the police are going to take you." I was shaking at this point and asked, "Take me where?" He said, "Into custody." I said, "What for?" and again he said, "You didn't pay for your room." I was very upset and nervous about what was going on and insisted I did pay when I checked in and that he was standing right there when I slid my card and had it approved. I also told him that I have text alerts for all transactions from my bank and that I got one immediately when I swiped my card, plus I had my receipt sitting right in front of me. He said, "You didn't pay and if you don't come down here right now, the police are coming up to get you." I said to please send them because I didn't understand what is going on and hung up. I immediately used my cell to call 911 and told the dispatcher what went down. He told me to lock the deadbolt and stay in my room. He said no police were in the lobby and that someone was either trying to lure me into the hall to do me harm or trying to get me out of

Motel 6 Rochester Airport
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