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The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants.

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  • There's a reason Transaero declared bankruptcy
    Flight 572, HKT VKO
    Pros: The only positive part of this flight was when the flight attendant actually showed some concern over my food allergies.
    Cons: The flight was terribly uncomfortable, my TV didn't work and we were on a 10 hour flight, the crew (save one flight attendant) were rude and curt, I couldn't eat most of the food due to food allergies (partially my fault for not notifying the airline ahead of time) and every time the plane hit even the tiniest bit of turbulence it felt like the plane was going to come apart. The most frustrating part was the baggage allowance: the baggage allowances I was given when I booked the flight did not match what was required when we arrived at the airport to board the flight. This then lead to a ridiculously expensive charge and an unnecessary argument with an extremely rude Thai Airways employee in the Phuket airport.
  • Flight 2222, JFK VKO
    Pros: Food is ok,service is good
    Cons: Jewish people are annoying... No tv !
  • Worst flight ever
    Flight 2222, JFK VKO
    Pros: Nothing
    Cons: The crew was snotty and rude, the plain was old, the check in and boarding was disorganized and long, food was tasteless...
  • premium economy benefits
    Flight 2222, JFK VKO
    Cons: No benefits at all for my premium economy ticket very disappointed that didnt have a better seat and was seated to the back of the plane for two of the flights if you could please get me some type of refund. Please get back to me at
  • Wanted to cancel flight but airline would not pick
    Flight 2222, JFK VKO
    Cons: I booked my flight through Kayak through cheapoair and needed to cancel it last week. In the last week transaero cancelled my flight and put me on a aeroflot flight with no confirmation number except for a unclear voicemail. After spending time with the aeroflot customer service for half hour I was finally able to figure out a confirmation number for the new flight but told them I needed to cancel the flight as my travel plans had suddenly changed. I was told that I would need to go through the same portal that I used to book my flight. I called cheapoair where the customer service rep refused to even listen to me saying that it was something transaero needed to take care of. When I informed him that transaero was not picking up the phone and since they were the portal that booked my flight the least they could do is give me alternate suggestions. At this point the customer service rep started laughing at me and called me nasty and some other choice words and hung up the phone. I will never again use kayak for booking flights. Thoroughly disappointed with the lack of professionalism.
  • Flight 210, TAS VKO
    Cons: It was rescheduled by Transaero and nobody told me about changes. I'm waiting for Aeroflot flight after 3 days of my scheduled flight. I'm exhausted and tired from this flight.
  • Terrible
    Flight 240, TBS VKO
    Pros: Nothing
    Cons: It was my first and last time with that airlines
  • Flight 312, TLV VKO
    Pros: friendly crew, i got my preferred seat, quick efficient boarding
  • Poor equipment, no entertainment, unhelpful crew
    Flight 312, TLV VKO
    Pros: Boarding and food were acceptable
    Cons: Poorly maintained equipment, no entertainment options, unhelpful and condescending crew
  • You get what you pay for...
    Flight 312, TLV VKO
    Pros: The crew was kind and helpful
    Cons: Flight was late taking off. There was NO ENTERTAINMENT system on board which meant for a long, boring flight. No pillow. No blanket. Food was not very tasty.

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