Orlando travel guide

Welcome to fairytale Orlando - known for its magic and so much more

Sure, Orlando has tons of theme parks and glistening attractions, but there's a tale of two cities here, and it's not all about a giant mouse and his friends. The amusement parks are mesmerizing, invoking nostalgia for many travelers, while the city center has a pulsating culinary scene that keeps growing. Ultimately, the theme parks keep people returning, but the town's nightlife and award-winning gastronomic wonders are cultivating an entirely new interest and scene all on their own. Orlando is a city whose history goes back a long time. Originally home to the Timucua and Tocobago Native Americans, it became a city in the 19th century, but the arrival of Walt Disney World® changed the course of the city's history forever.. Modern-day Orlando is emerging as a cultural beacon of diversity, with different groups like Latinos and Asians coming together and creating a melting pot of foods, celebrations, and traditions. Who else can say they grew up eating Vietnamese and Puerto Rican food on the regular?

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Must-see in Orlando

Make your stay in Orlando as magical as it sounds

Seasonal events in Orlando

Make your trip to the City Beautiful, unforgettable and magical

Once you're in Orlando

Getting around Orlando

From taxis to trains and everything in between, Orlando offers plenty of ways to explore the city.

Magical Dining Experiences With Flavors From a Plethora of Diverse Cultures

If you think of Orlando, magical theme parks automatically spring to mind, but that's not the only thing the city can offer. Some of the most exciting restaurants are popping up in the town within various city neighborhoods. The theme parks are also developing a food scene that is becoming popular nationwide.

Renting a car and driving in Orlando

From world-renowned theme parks, like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, to natural wonders, like the Wekiwa Springs State Park, Orlando is an attraction-packed city. Don’t let waiting for a bus or sticking to a tram route slow down your vacation plans. Renting a car is an ideal way to discover the city, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Things to do

Why Orlando Takes the Crown as America's Top Family Destination

Orlando's family-centric philosophy shines through its top-notch theme parks, captivating attractions, and enlightening venues. From the magical world of Disney to the exhilarating Universal Orlando Resort, every aspect is designed for unforgettable experiences for all ages. Embrace Orlando as the ultimate dream destination for family adventures.

Cheers to Orlando: A Guide to the City’s Finest Bars

Orlando: The Ultimate Destination for Shopaholics

Do you need a break from the crowds at the theme parks? If so, dive into Orlando's rich shopping scene. From luxurious designer stores to bargain-filled outlets, Orlando has something to delight every shopper. Swap those mouse ears for a shopping bag and explore a different kind of magic – retail therapy, Orlando-style.

Day Tripping: Meet Some Exciting and Underrated Destinations Around Orlando

Orlando is a bustling city filled with more attractions than anyone can cover in a week’s vacation; however, venturing beyond its borders unveils Central Florida's diverse charm. From the region's crystalline natural springs and historically significant landmarks to sites dedicated to preserving local habitats, each destination offers unique insights. Embark on this exploration and enrich your Florida vacation.

What to pack for Orlando

Orlando is a city known for its hot climate, exciting theme parks, challenging golf courses, and scenic nature hikes. Let's dive into how to optimally prepare for a memorable adventure under the Florida sun, balancing comfort, convenience, and readiness for all that Orlando has to offer.