2020 Holiday Travel Hacker

From adapting to a digital nomad lifestyle to spending more time outdoors, travel will look different for those who choose to do it this holiday season. If you’re heading home or one of those travelers looking for a little escape, here’s what’s hot according to our data.

Top trending destinations

While everyone has to make decisions that are right for them, some travelers are taking advantage of international destinations that are opening up to American travelers this holiday season. And we get it, because as travelers ourselves, the desire to experience the world hasn’t been stopped by 2020.

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Top digital nomad destinations

Home for the holidays has a whole new meaning this year. Especially for those who’ve decided that in 2020 “home” can be anywhere. We’ve found 10 destinations that are seeing an increase in searches for stays longer than 7 days.

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Top real-time destinations

Many travelers are choosing to plan their trips much closer to their departure date — here are some of the destinations that are gaining (and losing) momentum each week leading into the holiday season.

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Resources to navigate travel this holiday season

Get the information you need to travel safely during the holidays. We’ve pulled together our top tools and resources to help you make smarter travel decisions, no matter how you decide to get around this season.

Practice Safe Travel

From an interactive map of the latest restrictions to resources for traveling during COVID-19, we’ve rounded up some of our most useful information for traveling safely. So that whether you’re traveling now or later, you’ll feel prepared to take on this new normal with safety top of mind.

Holiday trends

The holiday season, like everything else, will look different in 2020. That’s especially true for travel. We dug into our data and found some key insights based on the search behavior of real travelers.