Book a Hotel Room with KAYAK on your Echo Show


You may remember that last month we launched hotel bookings on Amazon Alexa (high fives all around). Now that Amazon has released the Echo Show, which brings a visual element to voice-activated search, we’ve worked hard to adapt the KAYAK skill to this new tool.

As of today, when you use the KAYAK skill for Amazon Alexa on Echo Show, we’ll not only talk through your available options but show them to you, as well. Part touch-screen, part voice assistant, the Echo Show is a 7-inch device that allows you to control what you see by voice or touch. Take what you love about Alexa and add a screen. Simple as that.

Say you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, thinking about the business trip you’re going on next week to see a new client. Then you realize — #$%&, you forgot to book a hotel. Without breaking your chopping technique, you say, “Alexa, ask KAYAK to book a hotel room.” KAYAK will respond with your available options and will display images on Echo Show for each one. You can navigate through KAYAK’s recommendations by touch or by voice, spot the hotel that looks right for you, and book. All before the chicken goes in the oven.

How does it work? If you’re familiar with our KAYAK skill for Amazon Alexa then you’ll be a pro at using the Echo Show. But, for those of you who need a refresher:

  • Sync or create a free KAYAK account, enable the KAYAK skill in the Alexa app, and link your account.
  • Once your account is linked with Alexa, you can say something like: “Alexa, ask KAYAK to book me a hotel room in Boston from September 15-17.”
  • The Echo Show will give you up to 10 bookable hotel options to choose from. Simply scroll through each option using your finger or ask “Alexa, select number 2” for more detailed information on that particular hotel. KAYAK will display price per night and the room availability on The Echo Show. Now, you’re ready to book.
  • Simply say, “Alexa, book this hotel” using your KAYAK account to confirm the reservation. Shortly thereafter you’ll receive a confirmation email from or

That’s it. Now go forth and get a room.

As a reminder, the actual booking transaction takes place with one of our partners (right now the Echo Show bookable inventory comes from our sister companies and They will be the ones to process your payment and handle customer service.