The Cheapest European Destinations to Fly To from Every State

Good news for Americans this summer: 2018 is your year to plan a European getaway. According to our data, median airfare to many European cities is the cheapest we’ve seen in 3 summers. Across the board, low cost carriers and new flight routes are making travel across the pond even easier (and less expensive).

So start planning now. We found that overall interest in travel to Europe is up 27% since 2016 — the highest we’ve seen for summertime. And to help you plan your Eurotrip confidently, we gathered up the cheapest European flights you can take from every. single. state. Whether you dream of snacking on brie by the River Seine or riding the graffitied trolleys of Lisbon, now’s your time to make it happen.

Top Insights

  • Iceland is a keeper. A third of the airports we looked at came back as Reykjavik being the cheapest destination to fly to. Here are our top tips to plan the perfect Icelandic getaway.
  • Make way Dublin. Though Reykjavik is the clear winner when it comes to the cheapest destination for the most US airports, Dublin is a close second. Good news is, this historic city of Joyce and Guinness has been undergoing a decidedly modern update over the past few years. Plus, some of the major have been opening up new hotels in this once-room-strapped city.
  • Stay North and West. With a few exceptions (hello, Budapest), the cheapest fares seem to be found on travels to Northern and Western Europe. But don’t let that deter you from your dreams of walking Prague’s Charles Bridge. Our Anywhere tool can help you figure out if you’ve found a good deal.
  • Book ahead. Our general guideline for European travel is to book 6 months ahead for the lowest fares. As we’re already well within that window, now’s the time to get booking.
  • Rent it out. Several of the top cities on our list below (we’re looking at you, Reykjavik), may be cheap to fly to but are notoriously expensive once you get there. One way to cut down costs is to opt for a vacation rental over a traditional hotel room. We’ve got you covered.

The Cheapest European Destination for All 50 States

Note: For states without an international airport, we’re using the closest major airport.


Airport Code


Median Airfare

Alabama BHM Paris, France $1110
Alabama HSV Frankfurt am Main, Germany $875
Alaska ANC Reykjavik, Iceland $677
Arizona PHX Madrid, Spain $563
Arizona TUS Zurich, Switzerland $805
Arkansas MEM London, England $1068
California SFO Reykjavik, Iceland $442
California LAX Reykjavik, Iceland $404
California SAN Dublin, Ireland $766
Colorado DEN Brussels, Belgium $379
Connecticut BDL Edinburgh, UK $548
Delaware BWI Reykjavik, Iceland $359
Florida MIA Madrid, Spain $545
Florida MCO Reykjavik, Iceland $541
Florida TPA Reykjavik, Iceland $615
Georgia ATL Budapest, Hungary $640
Georgia SAV London, UK $830
Hawaii HNL London, UK $906
Hawaii KOA London, UK $960
Idaho SLC Venice, Italy $468
Illinois ORD Reykjavik, Iceland $450
Indiana IND Reykjavik, Iceland $788
Iowa DSM London, UK $898
Kansas MCI Reykjavik, Iceland $600
Kentucky CVG Reykjavik, Iceland $509
Kentucky SDF Reykjavik, Iceland $789
Louisiana MSY Dublin, Ireland $732
Maine BOS Stockholm, Sweden $479
Maryland BWI Reykjavik, Iceland $359
Massachusetts BOS Stockholm, Sweden $479
Michigan DTW Reykjavik, Iceland $409
Michigan GRR Reykjavik, Iceland $789
Minnesota MSP Budapest, Hungary $463
Mississippi MSY Dublin, Ireland $732
Missouri STL Dublin, Ireland $752
Missouri MCI Reykjavik, Iceland $600
Montana BIL Dublin, Ireland $822
Montana BZN Dublin, Ireland $797
Nebraska OMA Dublin, Ireland $864
Nevada LAS Copenhagen, Denmark $563
Nevada RNO Reykjavik, Iceland $871
New Hampshire BOS Stockholm, Sweden $479
New Jersey EWR Paris, France $521
New Mexico ABQ Geneva, Switzerland $705
New York JFK Paris, France $517
New York BUF Reykjavik, Iceland $740
North Carolina CLT Dublin, Ireland $739
North Carolina RDU Dublin, Ireland $665
North Dakota BIL Dublin, Ireland $822
Ohio CLE Reykjavik, Iceland $457
Ohio CMH Dublin, Ireland $694
Ohio CVG Reykjavik, Iceland $509
Oklahoma TUL Venice, Italy $760
Oklahoma OKC Venice, Italy $952
Oregon PDX Reykjavik, Iceland $642
Pennsylvania PHL Reykjavik, Iceland $497
Pennsylvania PIT Reykjavik, Iceland $319
Rhode Island BOS Stockholm, Sweden $479
South Carolina CHS Reykjavik, Iceland $789
South Dakota OMA Dublin, Ireland $864
Tennessee BNA Dublin, Ireland $771
Tennessee MEM London, England $1068
Texas IAH Madrid, Spain  $598
Texas AUS London, UK $642
Utah SLC Venice, Italy $468
Vermont BTV London, UK $780
Virginia ORF London, UK $845
Virginia RIC Dublin, Ireland $793
Washington SEA Munich, Germany $663
West Virginia PIT Reykjavik, Iceland $319
Wisconsin MKE London, UK $835
Wyoming BIL Dublin, Ireland $822
Washington, DC IAD Reykjavik, Iceland $482


Not seeing a destination that fits your budget? Use our Explore tool to see where you can fly to (at home or abroad) that fits your wallet.



All data is based on median airfares conducted from KAYAK US and is intended to be used as a guide. Travel dates are May 25, 2018 – September 3, 2018, and search dates are February 21, 2017 – February 21, 2018. The Top 10 European Cities (of the top 200 most searched European Cities with a minimum 50 clicks) was pulled for the top 3 international airports in each US State. All flights considered are economy, round-trip. Prices and availability subject to change. 

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