Get Your Travel Tip of the Day


You know what goes great with your morning coffee? Travel hacks from KAYAK.

Hear us out.

While you’re sipping your Colombian Supreme and listening to your morning news briefing on Alexa, treat yourself to a daily travel tip. From when to book a flight to packing tips to things to do in our top Travel Hacker destinations, the KAYAK skill for Alexa will make you a smarter traveler every day.

To start getting hacks, first be sure the KAYAK skill is enabled on your Amazon Echo device. Then, start by asking, “Alexa, what’s the news?” Alexa will start your daily news briefing, with a KAYAK travel tip attached. You can also go straight to the good stuff by saying, “Alexa, ask KAYAK for the Travel Hack of the Day.”

Some of our hacks include information on the best time to book a domestic flight. Or what day of the week is the most expensive to rent a car. You can also learn about what beaches to visit in Cartagena and where in Canada you can see the Northern Lights. With every hack, you’re edging your way towards travel expert-status.

Here’s to getting what you need to know about travel, on command.